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Monday, August 18, 2008

California Senate Approves "Donda West Law"

The California Senate has approved, by a margin of 37-1 the Donda West law, named after Kanye West's late mother. This law makes it mandatory for anyone undergoing a cosmetic surgery to have a history and physical performed prior to surgery.

Ho hum. Most plastic surgeons already do this. Instead of enacting unnecessary laws, why not limit plastic surgery to those who are actually trained at it? The California legislature has recently approved a bill allowing oral surgeons (DDS dentists) to perform all sorts of facial plastic surgery. How ridiculous! You wouldn't want me performing your root canal, so why have an oral surgeon do your facelift?

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Anonymous said...

Wait, does this mean you're not doing my root canal next week? Damn.

Mary said...

Hopped over here from And really? Allowing oral surgeons to perform facial plastic surgery?? Why on earth would anyone go to an oral surgeon to have any sort of facial surgury?? Very ridiculous! Interesting law making going on over there in California! And you make a very good point!

Laura said...

You got that right! Leave it to the politicians to head bass ackwards on this!!

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Dr. West was aware of her condition. The measure seems to be a way to keep doctors from performing on desperate patients who are so desperate to improve their appearance that they'd risk their lives. This being said, I don't know any thinking person who'd perform such extensive surgery without medical clearance, especially on someone her age.

I do believe the "cosmetic surgeons" have been successful in buying themselves the ability to practice in California and some other states.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Youn,

Off topic, but just saw a segment on Dr. Greg Mueller's threadlite neck lift on ET. What do you think of it and does it have a lasting effect?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I can't comment on his exact technique, since I am not familiar with it. Suture lifts, however, don't appear to have more than a year or two longevity. I don't perform them because of this fact.

Anonymous said...

When a person comes to your office and wants you to perform a procedure, do you require them to provide a medical file? How do you verify health before agreeing to treat the person?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

We usually trust that what they tell us is true. Anyone over the age of 40 automatically needs a preoperative clearance in my practice.

Coach909 said...

Would you like the opportunity to speak to Yolanda Anderson, neice of Donda West regarding this law? Yolanda and Assemblywoman Wilmer Carter (D-Rialto) introduced the bill which is now a law!