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Monday, January 30, 2006

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is becoming a classic example of a Hollywood starlet who has attempted to use plastic surgery to unsuccessfully retain her youthful beauty. During "Working Girl," she had a very nice look, which has been tampered with too much since then. The most obvious feature is her overly large, misshapen lips. She has augmented her lips too much, causing her to lose the Cupid's bow part of her upper lip. This is likely a sign of a gortex lip implant (a type of plastic that some plastic surgeons use to augment the lips, whereas I use it for the covering on my jacket). The easiest way to spot a gortex implant is to see how the lip moves while the person is talking. The gortex does not allow the lip to move normally, and therefore the lip looks too stiff. I find that the vast majority of patients who get gortex lip implants will later have them removed. Her lip augmentation is a misguided attempt to look young, as a sign of youth is larger lips. However, there is a fine line between "bee stung" and youthful, and she has crossed it. Interestingly enough, the person in Hollywood with the largest, most luscious lips, Angelina Jolie, appears to have had them all her life. While some actresses get their lips overly enlarged in order to look younger and keep up with the younger Hollywood stars, it usually doesn't help keep their careers going. While other actresses of Melanie's generation such as Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis have continued with successful acting careers, Melanie Griffith's career appears to have stalled in the early 90's.

In addition to the lips, she appears to have had some Botox to smooth her forehead, and laser treatments and a probable facelift to over tighten her face. This makes her facial movements appear too tight (à la Joan Rivers) and is a sign of too much plastic surgery.

Melanie has had so much work done that, reportedly, husband Antonio Banderas has forbidden her to have any more plastic surgery. She would look much more natural and glamorous, in my opinion, if she just had the implants removed from her lips.