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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beyonce Knowles

Has Beyonce had a breast augmentation? This photo shows what might be evidence of a breast augmentation through the armpit. Breast implants can be placed most commonly through the armpit, underneath the breast, and around the areola. The implants are often placed through the armpit in people with darker skin, as this area is known to be resistant to keloid formation. Unfortunately, some people can develop a band of scar tissue which extends between the armpit scar and the breast implant pocket. It can even create a pulling sensation, and resemble a band such as may be seen here.

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To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed for Fox News, click here.


TheBeautyBrains said...

Good eye, Doctor! You continue to amaze us with your ability to spot these celebrity enhancements. Keep 'em coming!

Jamie Vaughan said...

I love This Blog , keep the good work going .

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Anonymous said...

Her armpit looks wierd. i would not be suprised.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, too :-)

BTW, have you ever checked out the following article and pic at
In addition to her weird looking armpit, her breasts look like halved grapefruits.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

it's true she may claim to be all natural as most of these celebrities do....but everyone including beyonce has had some work done

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Who cares. Let her do her thing. Big deal. Nobody is perfect. There are plenty of people who want work done and can't afford. She has the money to have any kind of work she wants. She is still pretty.

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES??? She is still pretty. There are so many people that wish they had money for cosmetic surgery and would gladly do it so what's the difference? Let her do her thing.

kathlene said...

Well, I do think she's pretty. But I think it's important to know that these celebrities who little girls look up to as beauty standards (parents, cut off the TV!)aren't born that way.

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Anonymous said...

Kathlene re: your comments about little kids who look up to these celebrities. First, if anyone's kids are looking up to celebrities to that degree than the parents are doing a piss poor job of raising their own kids. Secondly, you can just tell your kids that lots of celebrities have had & feel the need to have cosmetic surgery & therefore may not have been born will all you see right now. This should make the biggest impact on your kids without having to analyze, discuss & invade these celebrities personal choices! Thirdly, from what I've seen the only thing these analytical observations have done for little kids is created a rash of teen & pre-teen cosmetic surgery requests & procedures. Well done, Parents. That's the way to teach your kids!