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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jenny Lee- Plastic Surgery "Enthusiast"

After Jocelyn Wildenstein, model /actress Jenny Lee may be the person most well-known primarily for her plastic surgery. It's rumored that she's had over 30 plastic surgery procedures performed on her, and she is planning many more in the future. She really does look like a human Barbie doll. She has an interesting "About Me" page on her website, where she explains her thoughts on plastic surgery.

She does not reveal who her plastic surgeon is. No, it's not me. I wouldn't do this much work on someone, even if it paid for my house (and my car and my son's college education). Maybe it's my friend Dr. Steve Svehlak (just kidding Steve!).

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Anonymous said...

Jenny Lee is certainly striking looking, in a porn-actress sort of way.

I went to her site and I would recommend that she take some of her plastic surgery money and in addition to nursing courses, study English. It's pathetic to be semi-literate.

Anonymous said...

Human Barbie Doll? Barbie looks great in comparison to her. Something about Jennie Lee looks 'not right'. I dont know what it is but folks such as Ms Lee and Teri Hatcher have a Michael Jackson look about them.

Anonymous said...

She definitely needs to check herself into a mental ward - she has body dysmorphic syndrome, and a plastic surgery addict. There is nothing normal about you when just one of your breasts is bigger than your whole head.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can't imagine what sort of acting she does if it isn't in porn films.

She looks completely disproportionate and her breasts have that odd straight outline near the sternum that is a tell tale implant sign.

mgm42 said...

People like "the" Jenny Lee give cosmetic surgery a bad name. It's not good to do anything to excess. I work with a New Jersey liposuction surgeon and the vast majority of women who come in for procedures are just trying to get rid of a few lumps and bumps. It's about looking your personal best, not being a full-size doll, which to me is just creepy.

Jenny Lee said...

Hello Anonymous posters:
It always amuses me to read blogs about plastic surgery and find at the bottom of the blog a string of anonymous posters that have something negative or derogatory to say. I wonder what makes people think they have the right to judge others. Sure you can do it, but you wouldn’t want to be judged, nor is it the right thing to do. No one leaves their email address, or names to be responded to. They hide like cowards behind a computer screen and type whatever unflattering or nasty message they choose. I find that these messages are fueled by jealousy and envy. Maybe there is something you want to change about yourself but don’t have the courage to say “If I could do this or that, and it made me feel better I would”….you are reading a plastic surgeons blog after all. Ignorance is bliss. Yes I have been diagnosed with BDD, and then told that the symptoms were not as prevalent any more. I think BDD is complicated; it cycles in and out of the person’s life that suffers from it, and is usually combined with bouts of depression, and I have to agree.

To say I look like a porn star is a little overboard in my opinion. I have been compared to Barbie countless times, and somehow inherited the title of the “Texas Barbie Doll”, and the “Plastic Surgery Enthusiast”, all of which I am okay with. It comes with the territory. MGM42 (the only one who did not post anonymously) says that plastic surgery is about looking your personal best. Well…that is what I am trying to do. There will be no more drastic changes to my face to make a radical difference. I am pleased and so is not only my own plastic surgeon, but Dr. Robert Rey, and Dr. Marc Mani in Beverly Hills, that the surgery I have done particularly on my face has finally “settled” and the “surgerized” look has diminished. Why mess with that? So I won’t. Maintenance in the form of Botox in moderation and fillers will keep the knife away from my face for awhile. I am sorry to hear that MGM42 feels I give plastic surgery a bad name.

I have spent the last few years trying to educate many people, mostly women on plastic surgery, and encouraged them to do their research on the doctors they plan on using and the procedure they plan on having so that they know what warning signs to look out for and what is normal and what is not after surgery, Plastic surgery is not always a one time fix all solution, and I am a walking testimony to that. I am sure that Dr. Youn would agree that some things have to be revised….sometimes more than once. It does not mean the surgeon is bad, or not qualified, it just means you are dealing with a human body that you are trying to manipulate in a certain way, and the results don’t always come out “perfect”.

If someone believes that I have breast implants bigger than my head, I would like to direct them to so they can see what implants bigger than your head really look like. She has polypropylene string implants that continue to cause the breasts to enlarge and expand. Chelsea Charms, for example, has breasts that are no longer measurable on the traditional cup size scale. Her official web site lists them as weighing 26 pounds (12 kg) each, and growing. That's 52 total pounds of boob she's carrying around. They strain believability. Fortunately, they seem to grow slowly enough that the surrounding skin and tissue have enough time to stretch. She makes me look like the President of the itty bitty titty committee. I happen to be curvy with an hourglass shape and my body is able to comfortable accommodate these implants. When it is time to replace them in about 6 to 8 years I will be nearing 40 and I will probably take them down a few sizes. Right now while I am still young and can handle them I like them.

Last but not least….when I boarded the plastic surgery train, I did not set out to look like Barbie. If people think I resemble Barbie, and they do, including Oprah, I take it as a compliment, as Barbie is pretty and thin, and has nice features. I only wish that people would take a closer look into my story before passing judgment on me. I have a myspace page ( that I share information on, and at the end of the day, I really more normal and down to earth than you can imagine.

Thanks for allowing me to post my thoughts and comments.

Jenny Lee

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Jenny Lee, thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to comment. Overall I agree with most of your comments. I do think it's important for anyone in the public eye (such as Brad Pitt, Joan Rivers, you, and even me) to realize that we automatically open ourselves up to public scrutiny. It's just the nature of the beast. I have gotten numerous nasty comments from anonymous posters about myself and others which I have removed. I am glad that you keep a good attitude about this, as it's easy to take them too personally. I have done this myself in the past. I do think that most people, however, post comments without thinking that the subject will ACTUALLY READ THEM, and would think twice if they knew that the subject would actually read the comments and be offended by them. Finally, I have respect for both Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. Marc Mani, as I have met both of them numerous times. I wish you the best in your career ambitions. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.

Betty said...

I do agree that all the anonymous comments are heartless and cowardly...I personally think that Jenny looks gorgeous (was very pretty before everything as well.)Some women have the ambition of being beyond beautiful. Shit, at the age of 27, I tell people that I'm a slow work in progress, and desire to be a very striking woman that the majority of women in society probably rip on, but in the sad reality are truly envious. However, we all have our own standard of beauty I suppose--but you can't forget the law of symmetry, balance and the Greek Golden Mean.

In truth, Jenny still resembles her old, original self---so it's not like she was trying to imitate another celebrity or something.

Bottom line: who in the hell really cares?! I personally feel that the harsh comments coming from these anonymous individuals are about as shallow as how they view her. I'm nearly 95% certain that these anonymous folks are either insecure women, or men with homely wives. I feel no need to apologize, as this is truly how I feel.

Jenny, you rock!



Jenny Lee said...

Betty, Thanks for your support. I agree with you. I DO understand that when you publicize parts of your life you set your self up for public scrutiny, and I am ok with that. I just think some comments ar not only outright ridiculous, they are unnecessary, cruel and mean....probably like the person who typed them.

Jenny Lee

Anonymous said...

I can see why people call her a human barbie doll. She's got really impossible proportions, which generally are considered to be attractive. (Tiny nose, big lips, big boobs)

Personally, I think a little bit more natural looking is more attractive. I have nothing against plastic surgery, as far as I'm concerned it's your own body and your own choice, but to me, when something looks fake--no matter how objectively "perfect" it might be--it's just not very attractive. That's just my own opinion.

Either way, Jenny Lee seems like a very nice and gracious person (she seems to have taken a lot of harsh comments in stride), and also seems to be happy with the surgery she has had. Can't we just leave that alone? Obviously we are all going to have different opinions, and I think it's just fine to voice them, but there's no need to be rude. Some people will think she's pretty, some people won't. That's just how life is.

While I may not personally agree with some of the decisions she's made, it's her life, not mine.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not going to give your children the same complexes and obsessions as you have.
Seriously, and I don't mean this unkindly, but some of the money you spend on surgery after surgery would be better spent on getting psychological help.
Also, if I didn't want to be "judged" I wouldn't be appearing on every TV show possible.

Jenny Lee said...

Hello All...What I feel is truly sad is that people are not able to state an "opinion", rather they then to intentionally or unintentionally make a judgement on me, my character, and they don't even know me.

What you see on television is sometimes 4-11 hours of footage that is chopped up into 3, 4 and 7 minute segments. How in the world could you possibly get to know me based on television "bits"...You can't. That is why I get so hard up on people passing judgement. If your OPINION is that I am ugly, fake, disgusting, and you feel the NEED to tell me or the world that...guess what? You have the right to your opinion, and guess what else? I have the right to A. disagree with you, and also not care.

At first when i appeared on Oprah and read the message boards I was hurt, upset, and in some ways felt tortured. How can someone who is trying to being awareness to Body Dismorphic Disorder, and attempt to help others who are seeking plastic surgery do it the right way be attacked so visciously? Human Nature.

I have said it over and over...I have put myself out there, told a portion of my story with the intent to tell the entire story one day so maybe it will make better sense to those who watch sound bites on TV. My intentions are good, and genuine, and pure. I really do want to help people. And for every single nasty thing people have written about me, I have received THOUSANDS of messages to the contrary. Like Dr. Youn said, when you put yourself out there you have to take the good with the bad, and I am okay with that. Someday EVERYONE, even the haters will see where this is all going. I am one of the nicest people you would ever have met, but until you can get past the judgement, you won't see that. Many people I have met in television and movies have said "my impression of you is nothing like what you are in person" answer is "I guess I can thank editors for that".

I have nothing but love for you all, even the haters.

Jenny Lee