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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin and Plastic Surgery?

Has Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin had plastic surgery? Make Me has a post describing their thoughts on this. I would agree with most of their assertions, basically that if she's had work done it's probably something minor like Botox in her forehead, skin rejuvenation lasers or peels, and maybe some teeth whitening. Overall, she looks pretty naturally youthful to me. I guess standing next to John McCain, nearly anyone would look young!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to know...."standing next to John McCain, nearly anyone would look young!"..LOL nice.

Anyway, Sarah Palin naturally looks beautiful already indeed. It won't hurt if she tries some minor cosmetic surgery I guess. You have to look as presentable as possible when you're a public figure.

Anonymous said...

You should check out the cover of Time magazine with the close shot of her face -- you can see that she has the type of lines/folds appropriate for a woman of her age.

Anonymous said...

Alaskan women often look younger than their counterparts "down South", because of reduced sun exposure.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that she is showing a nose job in ALL three pics.
I wonder what nose did her mother give to her.

Anonymous said...

HAHA, nice on the john mccain comment. I think she doesn't need or has had plastic surgery. Peels and injections and what not may be done, but she looks pretty natural to me.