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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oksana Grigorieva - Plastic Surgery That Mel Hates

I think Mel Gibson is an insane, racist psychopath. I'm pretty sure that most of you who've heard his rants on agree with me. I used to be a fan of his, but now... yechh!

What plastic surgery do I think his ex Oksana Grigorieva has had? In one tape Mel mentions her "foreign bodies," referring to her breast implants. Looking at photos of her (some before-and-afters are on display on, I bet she's had cheek implants, a rhinoplasty, and lip enhancement, likely with a semi-permanent implant like Alloderm. Overall I think she looks pretty, but a bit plasticized. Each of the procedures appears to have been a tad overdone (nose is a bit too thin, cheeks a bit too plump, and lips a little puffy).

Lastly, I guess we shouldn't forget those veneers that Mel allegedly punched out. What a jerk!

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Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

So, that is her? She looks crazy just like everyone has been saying on the radio....What the hell was he thinking....Oh yeah I forgot he is a psychopath, lol...So I guess they are perfect for eachother, lol
I love your blog BTW...very interesting and fun to read :)

Nicole said...

I totally agree, she looks pretty nevertheless.

I read your blog for more than a year now and I love it. You're not bashing people as a rare exception!
Way to go! :)

If I ever think about getting something fixed (or if I ever get the money *lol*) you'd be the first I call!

Take care and keep on blogging! :)


Antonia Rosina said...

Thanks Dr. Y for telling it how it is. Any way you slice it, even if he was provoked, there is NO EXCUSE for these disgusting remarks. I have never liked him so no big disappointment for me. As for his rude comments to his ex. about "foreign bodies" he sure didn't seem to mind them before did he? She looks reallyy fake to me. Another fine example of "too much of a good thing."

Anonymous said...

I think when women have too many things 'touched up' they start looking alike. Oksana G. looks a lot like the Octomom. They appear to have had many of the same small procedures that standardized their features, resulting in a very similar, standardized, plastic appearance. The same with Heidi Montag. Beside the ridiculous porn type body, she has had most of her facial features 'touched up' or 'refined', and she looks like several women I know here in California, and a lot like the early internet plastic surgery girl Cindy Margulies.

Plastic surgery can be wonderful when done well and in moderation. The women ( and a few men) who erase their ethnicity, interesting features or all individuality by striving for some sort of perfection usually end up looking either freakish or at best sort of blandly, plastically attractive.

Oksana Breast Implants said...

Her whole face has changed, it's quite disturbing. Cheek Implants, Breast Implants, Lip Injection, the whole kit. And she was prettier before in my opinion.

Unknown said...

ahh i think mel is really nasty and oksana is too cute for him. she's overdone a lot and i think her face a resemblance with alicia douvall i guess..hmm but i like both of them, i like plastic surgery but i am not an addict...HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY GIRLS !! Is great when you got missing bits on your boobs or or you got too much.. but when you look at heidi montag and cher ..maybe elizabeth taylor..priscilla presley..well i think is too much and they did risked a lot.

the only thing i am craving for is to improve my skin texture, i have acne scaring and that is odd, i can wear 5 coats of proffessional foundation everyday:))))))

anyway i like this blog..xx

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud with "insane racist psychopath". Don't sugar coat it, Dr. Youn. :) (I totally agree with you, by the way.)

Oksana's upper lip drives me bonkers. She would look so pretty with a normal sized lip.