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Monday, August 30, 2010

Has Serena Williams Had a Rhinoplasty?

Has tennis great Serena Williams had a rhinoplasty? According to the Daily Mail, Serena underwent surgery for damage from broken glass on July 15th. Did she have a rhinoplasty too?
According to these photos the answer may be yes. Her nose looks thinner and more sleek. The bridge of the nose looks like it may be built up, possibly by a silicone implant. She looks great, nose job or not.

Sports Illustrated recently named her the greatest female tennis player ever. I disagree with this. Steffi Graf is the best female tennis player in the Open era. Had Monica Seles not been stabbed by a crazed fan, she might be number 2. I loved her 'two-fisted' attack!

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Anthony Youn, M.D.


MAS said...

She does look good, but I'm worried that she's going to start looking a little LaToya Jackson when more of the swelling goes down (not sure how long ago the procedure was done). She's pretty narrow already! If she heals in and scars a little, she could easily get that awful pinched look that can be spotted from a mile away. Hopefully that doesn't happen because she's a beautiful woman. Definitely not the best player ever though... :)

peachfish said...

I'm not so sure. In other close up pictures from the same event, you can see that she is wearing very heavy contouring make-up. In lower light or from far away it looks great, but up close it looks pretty terrible. Check out this photo:

Anonymous said...

Definitiely a nose job, but also some lipsosuction on the face as well. She hasn't lost any weight to augment her face that much. Different face, she looks good, but now face doesn't match the linebacker body.

Anonymous said...

Black women are losing their black noses. I think it's sad.