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Friday, March 03, 2006

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley appears to have had quite a bit of work done lately. The changes in her face in the last 10 years have been astounding. She looked great in "The Naked Gun" movie series, but since then appears to have had too much plastic surgery. Her entire upper face appears overly Botoxed with a likely browlift. Her nose looks wider, and can be the result of scar tissue buildup from more than one rhinoplasty. Her cheeks have been overly-filled, likely with silicone injections or fat. I do quite a bit of fat grafting, but one of the keys to fat grafting in a natural way is to avoid injecting it in the lower face, with the exception of in the lips and under each corner of the mouth. Her face has become more rounded, with too much fullness in the jaw area and cheek hollows. This may be a consequence of a type of fat grafting where very large amounts of fat are injected. The upward pull of her cheeks and corners of the mouth are a possible consequence of a midface lift, which is a controversial surgery to elevate these areas. I am not a fan of this surgery, and find that people who have it done improperly can look unnatural. She also has overly defined lips, which could be surgically altered to emphasize the line between the lips and skin.
Wow, if only Elvis could see her now. He'd be All Shook Up.

UPDATE!: For more of my thoughts on Priscilla, click here for Did "Dr. Jiffy Lube" Treat Priscilla Presley?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sensible Marketing said...

I hope that botox in her face doesn't effect her dancing abilities. Can the woman even move? Her face is frozen. Freakish.

Anonymous said...

Well, she was 20 some years younger in the Naked Gun movies. Do ya think she looked better then? DUH! I think she looks pretty good for 62 years old.

Anonymous said...

I have to apologize to you Dr. Youn. I'm the one who posted the comment that said she looks good for 62 years old (I based my opinion on the "after" pic on your website), but I just saw her on Dancing with the Stars and she looks awful! My God! What have they done to her? My apologies to you. I will never doubt you again!!

Rex said...

My wife and I watched Priscilla on "Dancing With The Stars" and my wife kept saying "her face doesn't move when she speaks."

Your site showed up at the top of a Google search and confirmed what my wife suspected: too much plastic surgery.

Although after reading your comments it sounds more like it was just a case of "bad surgery."

Anonymous said...

how sad. an exquisitely beautiful woman who has done such a regrettable thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pricilla looks that bad at all especially considering her age at least still looks like the same person not like Rogers or that Dirty Dancing actress. Thing is like with Jackson to others may seem extreme but if that's how he wants to look or anyone it's their choice..

Destiny said...

HAHAHAHA, I absolutely love the last two sentences of this. It completely made the whole article ten times better. I couldn't stop laughing :)