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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Star Jones

Star Jones has reportedly undergone a breast lift and tummy tuck recently while on break from the View. Unfortunately, sources are reporting that she had a major postoperative bleeding complication. This necessitated her being transported to St. John's Medical Center in Santa Monica for blood transfusions. This is a very unusual complication, but can happen to anyone. I am very hesitant to perform tummy tucks at the same time as breast lifts for this very reason. It is a lot of surgery for someone to undergo, and depending on the surgeon's technique, could be dangerous. Hopefully she will undergo a full recovery.


Dr. Rob Oliver said...


You're spot on with your observations re. safety with these combined procedures. I have a hard time recomending procedures I expect will take in excess of 5 hours of general anesthesia. Ideally you have at least 2 surgeons working simultaneously to do these cases.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I will go up to 7 hours for a healthy patient undergoing facial surgery, but when body surgery is performed I limit myself to 6 hours max. Safety should always be the top priority for every plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case!

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