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Friday, June 16, 2006

Cameron Diaz

Has Cameron Diaz had a rhinoplasty? According to the New York Post she went to Ashlee Simpson's surgeon for a rhinoplasty of her own to remove a bump on her nose caused from a surfing accident last year. The article doesn't state who her surgeon was, but there are a handful of prominent Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons who are likely culprits. Some of the L.A. plastic surgeons known for their expertise in rhinoplasty include my mentor Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, Dr. Raj Kanodia, and Dr. Paul Nassif. I've never quite understood the attraction some people have to Cameron Diaz. While I do think she is pretty, I don't believe she is a classic Hollywood beauty like Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, or Kate Beckinsale.

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Sydney said...

She's got great legs though.

Anonymous said...

Konadia did Ashlee's nose. At least that's what I've read. He did a lovely job on her. She went from being attractive to really sexy and beautiful. Hers is a real success story. I heard Diaz went to him after she saw what he did for Simpson.

Alfredo said...

She´s the best... no doubt