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Friday, June 02, 2006

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson visits plastic surgeon or psychiatrist? It's been reported that Jessica Simpson recently visited the office building of a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Some sources report that she was there to see a psychiatrist instead of a plastic surgeon.
When I practiced in Los Angeles, we were in an office building which housed numerous plastic surgeons, in addition to OB-Gyn's, internists, and many other types of physicians. The mere fact that she went to a "medical building" doesn't mean much of anything.
Now, I wouldn't be surprised if she did visit a plastic surgeon there. It appears to me that she has had a good amount of work done for someone her age. This seems to include a breast augmentation (B's to D's), rhinoplasty (like sister Ashlee), and multiple lip augmentations. Overall, I think the work she's had done is pretty good, with the exception of overplumping the lips on occasion. I would recommend that she stop at this point, however, at the risk of overdoing things.


Jude C said...

If she keeps going down this route, she's going to turn into the young Jocelyn Wildestein (that's the name of the crazy cat-lookin' lady, right?).

They did do a good job with her boobs, though. I guess having already had plenty to begin with helped to keep the new ones more natural-looking.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding? jessica has had D's since she was 16 years old. did she get them then? before she was famous?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

It's nearly impossible for someone to be as thin as she is and have the size breasts she has. When she lost weight for the Daisy Duke role her breasts actually appeared to get bigger, not smaller.

Anonymous said...

"It's nearly impossible for someone to be as thin as she is and have the size breasts she has"

Note what was said - "NEARLY" impossible. I am 5'2, 100 pounds and a generous 34D. I don't believe Jessica Simpson has implants, and I know for a fact it IS possible for someone her size to have breasts so large.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Hence, the "nearly."

Anonymous said...

She has also had her eyes done. It is obvious if you look at photos of her when she just became famous, before meeting Nick.