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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Courtney Love - Recent Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

Courtney Love has been in the press quite a bit lately with her recent corrective rhinoplasty and massive weight loss. Recent photos of her nose show that she may still be a bit crooked. Awful Plastic Surgery has a post on this.

My comments regarding her recent weight loss are in this week's In Touch Weekly. She has gotten extremely thin, resulting in a good amount of loose skin on her abdomen. Photos also show some lumpiness of the abdomen, possibly from previous liposuction.

Too many stars are losing too much weight, resulting in an emaciated appearance. I tell my patients: healthy and athletic are good, bone thin is not. Hopefully young people will not use them as role models for their weight...

Click here for my recent post on Courtney Love's rhinoplasty.

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Anonymous said...

It goes from bad to worse with this poor woman. Her nose looks awful and her skin is so saggy! Can she do anything about those cankles?

Anonymous said...

She looks like Catwoman in the photo on the right.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a janked beanie baby collector.

Harold Baskins

Anonymous said...

It looks like a bad deprojection.

Anonymous said...

The woman on the left doesn't look like her, she looks classy. The lips on the woman on the left look normal, not plastic. Are you sure it was her?

Anonymous said...

I used to really fancy Courtney Love but plastic surgery has been her downfall. Awful liposuction and rhinoplasty has made her look terrible. She's even ruined her once beautiful breasts. Shame.

Anonymous said...

can't you see she's recovering in the right photo -after rhino your nose will be swollen for a good couple of months, at least. I think she'll look great once her face depuffs a bit.