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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jenna Jameson - Skin Cancer Scare

In an interview with US Magazine, adult film actress Jenna Jameson states that she was diagnosed and treated for Malignant Melanoma of the back in Nov 2004. Before she could get treatment for the melanoma, a blood test revealed that she was two months pregnant. She unfortunately miscarried, possibly due to the stress of the cancer. The following month she had the skin cancer surgically removed, and has been cancer-free ever since.

Malignant melanoma is a very aggressive cancer. If left unchecked, it can spread to vital organs and result in death. I'm glad to hear that the skin cancer was curable, as some malignant melanomas are beyond cure. If you have a mole with the following characteristics: Asymmetry (one part different from another), Border irregularity (ragged borders), Color variety, or Diameter larger than 6 mm, then be sure to get it checked by a dermatologist.

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Anonymous said...

Her mother died of skin cancer when she was a baby. She's lucky. My father wasn't. People, get yourself "mole mapped".

Anonymous said...

US Weekly article Jenna Jameson: My Secret Cancer Struggle while reading this I think to myself what is the possible motivation of Jenna revealing her “secret” to us at this point and time now, 3 yrs after the fact? My conclusion is this is nothing more than a well thought out media campaign to gain public sympathy her way. Why else would she now of all times, in 2007 come out in the public and discuss a miscarriage and cancer scare in her past, 3 yrs ago. Why? lets face it there isn’t much more poor Jenna look what she overcame talk these days, PRIOR to this interview, public ridicule of her is all you read about on the internet, how freakishly thin she has become and how much plastic surgery she has had to her face comparing her to Joan Rivers etc.
How does she get people to stop talking about her in this manner, she devolves she had a cancer scare and a miscarriage back in 2004, this pulls on people’s heart strings and surely gains empathy for her among the general public and once again she gets the positive attention she craves, playing the poor me can’t you see what I have gone through card.

Anonymous said...

That still doesn't explain why she lost so much weight. Jenna is looking worse than Nicole Richie lately.