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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brittany Murphy's Lips are Huge

The lips can swell up considerably after augmentation using injectables like Restylane. There seems to be a tendency for stars to go out in public with either their lips significantly swollen or just plain overdone. Brittany Murphy appears to be a prime example of this. The photo on the left is recent, the photo on the right is from 2006. Why do her lips look so overdone?

Because the top lip is huge. Many patients (and possibly surgeons) believe that the top lip should be larger than the lower lip. Unfortunately, this lip ratio only works naturally for ducks.

Lip augmentation can be very tastefully done, and can really enhance a person's appearance. It's very possible that she is just really swollen, and things will settle down nicely. Most injections are temporary anyway.

Photo credit: Daily Mail,

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear that looks ridiculous.

She looks gorgeous with her natural lips. A lot of celebs seem to be under the impression that full puffy lips make them look more attractive. Its just plain wrong.

Dr Hainer said...

Tony, you are absolutely correct. The upper lip to lower lip ratio should be around 0.6, or in other terms, the upper lip should be roughly 60% as full as the lower lip. Unfortunately, most celebs and their treating doctors have reversed this ratio making them look freakish and outright cartoon-like. Maybe some of those California plastic surgeons need to spend some time in the midwest and learn "real-time"cosmetic surgery principles.

Anonymous said...

My doctor just put a little fat into my bottom lip. Said my top was fine, even though I think it is too thin. Good Man. Sometimes the patient just needs to listen to their doc...hopefully he/she has a good one.

On a different subject, how many girls are going to run to a plastic surgeons' office with a copy of the SI swimsuit issue and ask for a pair of 'Marisa's'? Are they real?? Because they are spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I really like your work. I have been looking at before and after pictures.
But i am not from USA, i am in Europe.I read the other day that Katie Price flew from London to USA to have some work done. So i was wondering if i had a rhinoplastic, how long would i have do stay in USA after surgery before i could fly back home? And would i have to fly to USA twice, first for the interview and then again for the procedure itself?

Hope you can answer me:o)

Gorgeous Black Women said...

Yuck. 60% sounds reasonably. This is ridiculous. Is this the Meg Ryan?

When did this become so popular? I know Angelina Jolie has done for the lips what Jennifer Lopez did for the butt,. The upper lip shouldn't be bigger than the lower lip.

Anonymous said...

you say that lip ratio only works for ducks, but my top lip is naturally larger than my bottom, and i get a lot of compliments.
so, it's not always a bad or unnatural thing.

MsB said...

That's too bad. I really dig her new look [right photo] compared to when she first started out. This newer photo [left photo] is just awful. I have naturally full lips and I love them, but they are proportion to my big cheeks, hence why they are natural. I just don't get lip augmentation when that person really doesn't need it. *sigh*

FeyIndigoWolf said...

I thought it was a picture of Melanie Griffith for a second, there. She made a big mistake messing with lips that were perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

It looks like she got a second nose job and removed her under eye bags as well.

Anonymous said...