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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Madonna - Plastic?

What looks unnatural about this recent photo of Madonna? Here's my take:
1. Her forehead, glabella (between the eyebrows), and eyes look virtually wrinkle-free. This is very unusual in a woman her age. My guess is that her plastic surgeon does a nice Botox job.
2. Her cheeks are very soft and full for someone with such low body fat. This can be a possible result of Fat Grafting or Sculptra Injections. My comments on her recent "bruise" photos can be seen in last week's In Touch Weekly.
3. She has a very nice jawline for someone her age. Has she had a possible well-done facelift?

Overall, I think she looks fantastic. What material is the Material Girl made of? Maybe Plastic?

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celebrity said...

Its ok for me as long as she has the money. The thing is her contribution on the music industry and surgeries has nothing to do with it

Anonymous said...


She looks great , quite a bit better than years ago .... her plastic surgeon has done a very good job , not having overdone anything


Anonymous said...

Yes, very subtle well done work but she does look slightly different doesn't she? The cheeks are a little unnatural in my opinion.

I'd love to know what she's had done to achieve that jaw line. Do you think thread lift is a possibility Dr Youn?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

No, I doubt she's had a suture lift. In my opinion, these types of minimally invasive lifts don't help at all. One of the main companies making these barbed sutures recently stopped manufacturing them, and the buzz surrounding the controversial procedures has really died down. I do think she may have had a real lower facelift, which can really create a great jawline. This is what I do for patients who are getting loose down there. Unfortunately, there are some scars involved, but they usually heal really nicely.

MsB said...

I'm hearing Face Grafting, but what if someone like me, who has a full face (big cheeks and high cheekbones) wants to tone them down? I'd have to break my cheekbones in, huh? *gulp* Maybe I should be thankful for the long "Jay Leno" chin that I have to complete my heart-shaped face.

Anonymous said...

Madonna looks a mess if the movie Adams family were looking for an actress she would have a part hands down. Madonna's body looks good for her age but her face thats another story. Everytime these celebs try to look younger it makes them look older.

swimmer said...

anonymous said "her body looks good for her age, but" I am not madonna fan, but I dare you to compare her with a 20 year body, I am her age, work out with weights diligently 5'3, 106 lbs, and look good for my age, she looks GREAT physically for ANY age, and if anyone knows who her plastic surgeon was, please pass it on!

Anonymous said...

she just looks amazing!
Face, body, and yes those cheeks are a little bit but overall she looks even pretty and she wasn´t pretty before....

Anonymous said...

She looks great in THIS photo, but see the photos of her without make up and also those taken after maybe more work - she is starting to look peculiar. I am the same age as her, and many of my friends have had no work done and look better.