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Monday, June 16, 2008

Celebrity Nose Jobs - Are We Seeing the Same Nose Over and Over Again?

A post from the popular Cityrag blog mentions that celebrities' noses are all looking the same. Not surprising, given that it is rumored that the same Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon has worked on Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. Many plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty have their own signature "look". This signature look comes from a combination of performing the surgery the same way every time with certain personal aesthetic preferences. For example, some surgeons believe a more pinched nasal tip looks good. Therefore, they will be more likely to place stitches into the cartilage to create this look and not finish the surgery until the pinched look is created.

That's not my style, as I tend to believe the "less surgery is often more" rule for rhinoplasty. I wouldn't want anyone to say, "Look! It's a Dr. Youn nose!"

By the way, I think that the surgeon who has performed the work of the celebrities above has done a nice job.

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Carmen said...

I hate the pinched nose look. I didn't realize that they were actually going for that look on people like Michael Jackson and his sister Latoya. It is a tell tale sign of rinoplasty and I am with DR Y, the less plastic looking the outcome, the more of a success!

Anonymous said...

To the best of my knowledge and thorough research, there is no evidence that a surgeon certified by any board of any kind has any stastical evidence of improved outcomes. Therefore, the statments made in Dr. Kotler's editorial are purposely misleading if not enitrely incorrect.
The true answer to quality is education, training and most importantly experience at performing the elective surgery you are considering.
Certifications are most commonly used to hide a lack of education, training and experience and should never be used as the sole means of selecting a surgeon for your individual needs.

Dean Greg

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thank you for your comments Mr. Greg, but I would respectfully disagree with your statements. Board-certification is insurance that your physician is properly trained and has passed appropriate examinations to perform the treatment that you are considering in a competent manner. Anything less than proper board certification (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery if you are considering plastic surgery) is a sign that the "surgeon" is a phony plastic surgeon. That surgeon can be anything, including a glorified dentist.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason a lot of celebrities are using the same surgeon for their nose jobs is because they already know that surgeon has already done a great job for someone else.

The surgeon who did Jennifer Aniston's nose job was good, so naturally a lot of other celebrities would be using him. The nose is right in the middle of you face and you really wouldn't want any surgeon to mess it up especially when you are a public figure