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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sly Stallone - Open Browlift?

Interesting photos on show what appears to be open browlift scars on Sylvester Stallone. In this close-up picture you can see the scar extending along the hairline, very consistent with what you might find with an open hairline browlift. Plus, his eyebrows are over-arched in the photos, a possible consequence of Botox (or Dysport).

I haven't performed an open browlift in over five years. Although many fantastic surgeons use this procedure, I have never seen a hairline browlift scar I liked. For this reason, I perform almost exclusively the Endotine Endoscopic Browlift. Scars are much shorter with less risk of numbness and chronic pain. The results may be less permanent and predictable than with an open browlift, however.

Sly better watch out. He's starting to resemble Burt Reynolds...

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Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

Poor SS. He must have had this done a while ago, no? Aren't endoscopic brow lifts the way to go for most surgeons?

marly said...

No matter how bad the scar, he still looks better than his mother. She was once a dramatically striking-looking woman. Now, she's scary. However, I'm aging naturally and it's equally scary.

acidspit said...

Dr. Y-- do you have any opinion on Latisse?

Anonymous said...

That could also be wig glue.