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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Demi Moore Responds to Articles Like the One Below

Apparently Demi Moore is not happy with people questioning her claim that she's not had any plastic surgery. Her quote in Marie Claire France magazine prompted many websites, such as this one, to question the truthfulness of her claims. This caused her to respond via Twitter:

“All this garbage that came out today about me is nothing more than an effort to diminish not just me but all women,” Demi Tweeted on Monday afternoon.
Demi advised other women to live their life free of body comparisons or criticisms. “Diminishing us by continually measuring women based on how we look. Or dont look. Creating comparisons instead of connections Say no 2 that!” she added.

The lady doth protest too much, methink.

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Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

She protesteth way too much.

Celebrity Pictures said...

In my opinion celebrities are not so beautiful as they are with makeup..

Anonymous said...


Um, no. We're just saying you lied about your surgery.

Anonymous said...

She's had surgery no doubt but I don't think its to the level some rags would have you beleive. If she were hell bent on perfection, she would have had her nose shaved down and her lips augmented and to her credit she hasn't (or doesn't appear to have had) - she's kept her uniqueness. I don't see much evidence of facial surgery at all -just some astute use of fillers and relaxers and some good dermatology.