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Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Strange Plastic Surgery Procedures on

There is an interesting slide show on listing 7 Strange Plastic Surgery Procedures. Here they are, and whether or not I perform them:

1. Cankle Lipo - I do this surgery occasionally, but there is a high risk of fluid collections and other complications.
2. Earlobe Lift - This is a surgery I perform often, and recently discussed the "Pac Man Earlobe Lift" on the Fox News Channel.
3. Fillers in Your Feet - Mostly done by podiatrists.
4. Golf Ball Chin - As popularized by Chef Gordon Ramsay. I almost never inject Botox here, since people almost never ask for it.
5. Radish Calf - Huh? What the heck is this?
6. Knee Lipo - I do this all the time, mainly to the inner knee fat.
7. Necklace Lines - This is a silly name given to neck wrinkles. They are very difficult to get rid of, like the wrinkles in the palm of your hand. A good facelift may marginally improve them, but they are there to stay.

Here are two more strange, but true, surgeries they left out: Dimple Creation and Second Toe Shortening.

For the MSNBC article, click here.

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ObeyRoxy said...

Hello! I actually saw this article before. And yeah, some of them got the "wtf???" reaction from me, like fillers in the feet.

Anonymous said...

I googled radish calf and found that it is a procedure done in Japan. They cut the nerve behind the knee so that the muscles in the calves wither. Scary!!

Michael C. Pickart, M.D., F.A.C.S. said...

I agree with your assessment of all seven. However, at least monthly, I do reduce "golf ball chins" with Botox/Dysport; for $100, it is a surprisingly effective trick.