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Monday, December 21, 2009

Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery in Playboy

The latest issue of Playboy contains actress Tara Reid's nude pictorial. As you probably know, she has been very candid about her botched breast lift and liposuction surgery by a phony plastic surgeon. She subsequently underwent corrective surgery by a good friend of mine, Dr. Steve Svehlak, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Now she's in Playboy. Topless. With no scars. Hmmm. Something smells fishy, and it's not her acting career.

This reminds me of the Carnie Wilson Playboy pictorial, after she admitted to undergoing a breast lift. There were no scars in her pictorial either! What kind of breast lift creates no scars??

With all the airbrushing and Photoshopping going around, when reading magazines I often feel like I'm looking at drawings or paintings of famous people, not photographs. Maxim and Playboy may be the worst of these, but virtually every magazine airbrushes their photos. This creates a very unrealistic view of how people should and do look. Anyone can look good if their 'flaws' are conveniently painted away or covered with makeup, even me. Have you seen how great my skin looks on TV? Not in real life it doesn't!

To see a few photos from the Tara Reid Playboy issue, check out Perez Hilton's blog here.

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Anonymous said...

One of the worst retouching jobs I've seen lately is Demi Moore's perfume ad. They wiped out every single line and shadow.

Next worst is Meryl Streep on the cover of Vanity Fair. On the VF web site they make a big deal about Streep not using Botox ... "a lifelong photographic collaborator deconstructs Meryl Streep’s rare (un-Botoxed!) beauty" ... "[Photographer Brigitte] Lacombe approves of Streep’s decision to steer clear of cosmetic surgery and Botox. “To try to stop the time, to look young—it’s such a futile, absurd way to look at life in general,” Lacombe says."

The hypocrisy is astounding. Is it also "absurd" and "futile" to airbrush all of Streep's wrinkles away in her photos? She has fewer wrinkles in her 2009 photos than in her photos from a decade prior.

Lacombe's remark irritates me. She's not the only one who criticizes Botox users by claiming we want to look "young". That's not why I use it. I'm 49 and totally OK with my age. I just have a plump face and I hate the way it crinkles around my eyes when I smile. Botox significantly reduces the crinkling, plus I love the little lift it causes at the outer ends of my normally horizontal brows. To me it's like lotion or toothpaste or cosmetics. I recently wore braces to re-straighten my teeth, would I be criticized for that too? It was one of the best things I could have done for myself. :D

Dasche Bledsoe said...

She does look nice in the pic, but I have some pics on my site where she had it all hanging out and just thinking of that even with seeing your pic still makes me sick. I agree, totally air brushed.

DARIAN ZAM said...

Photos have always been retouched. As far back as you can think, artists have modified the appearance of their subjects. If people really cannot tell the difference between a heavily retouched picture and reality, that is truly their problem and you can't help them. They shouldn't be rushing to a surgeon, instead they should be rushing to a clinical psychologist. On the other hand...are injections to boost brain cells that far away?

Anonymous said...

I've had a breast lift+reduction myself and even though the result is absolutely great (in terms of shape and size), the scars are there.

bariatric surgery said...

great job, you posed for playboy, im sure they didnt edit any of the photos. I saw you on the beach this past summer it sure didnt look fixed.

DARIAN ZAM said...

You reckon they don't airbrush the photos in Playboy? Really?