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Sunday, December 06, 2009

How Did I Do With My 2009 Predictions?

One year ago I gave my Top 9 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2009. How did I do? Am I a modern day plastic surgery Nostradamus? Or maybe just full of it? (Dr. Hainer: Don't Answer That) Well, here are the predictions I gave one year ago and whether they were right or wrong:
9. Plastic surgery vacations will become more and more popular - False - Possibly due to highly publicized complications abroad, I do not see a higher number of Americans travelling abroad for plastic surgery. Pass the Botax, though, and things may change.
8. Fat, from both from animals and people, will become a new Green resource - False - This may take a little longer to happen.
7. Sculptra will gain FDA approval as a liquid facelift for the general population - True - Sculptra Aesthetic was approved by the FDA earlier this year. Link to post here.
6. 2009 will bring with it a plethora of new extreme, bizarre, and unusual plastic surgeries - True - Carboxytherapy, Cankle Lipo, Radish Calf, Toe Shortening, and others have now entered the plastic surgery lexicon. Link to post here.
5. Will Gummy Bear Implants Boost Busts in 2009? - False - Maybe 2010 will be the year of the gummy bear?
4. Nonsurgical Liposuction Techniques Run Rampant... As Do Disappointing Results - True...somewhat. Zerona has been used more and more this year, with results as advertised: I see an average of 3-4 inches lost after 2 weeks of treatments. Is this disappointing? It all depends on the patients' expectations. It is not the same as real liposuction. It does appear to work, though. Link to post here.
3. Eyelash Enhancing Medication "Latisse" Hits Big in a Blink - True -Latisse works and is getting more and more popular by the day. Link to post here.
2. Stem Cells are the Future in the U.S., but the Present in Other Countries - True - While people are performing stem cell facelifts and breast augmentation elsewhere, here in the U.S. it remains a futuristic treatment. Link to post here.
1. Botox-Competitor Reloxin will act as an Economic Bailout for Millions of Botox Users in 2009 - True - Reloxin was renamed Dysport at the last minute, but in my practice it has proven as effective as Botox in reducing fine lines. While there are still a lot of my patients who love their Botox, many have switched to the less expensive Dysport with similar results. Link to post here.

So, if you tally my results I was 6/9. Not bad, but I'm definitely no plastic surgery Nostradamus. Maybe more like a plastic surgery Sylvia Browne. In a couple weeks I'll post my predictions for 2010!

Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.


Dr Hainer said...

Pretty impressive, 6 out of 9 . Although I think a better title would be "The Great Youndini".

Anonymous said...

Dr. Youn, do you think women are applying Latisse to their lower lashes even though technically they aren't supposed to put it there? Also, any idea if women or men are using it anywhere else? Like brows or head?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I do not recommend Latisse anywhere except the upper eyelashes. Can't vouch for how it works in other areas. Always be careful not to get it in the eyes.