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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Angelina Jolie - Strange Wrinkles, Plastic Surgery, or Gills?

We normal people would like to think that Angelina Jolie has SOME type of flaw like the rest of us. Well, it appears that she does. No, she doesn't have big feet, cankles, or even the dreaded Man Hands. It appears, from this photo from Us Magazine, that Angelina has... weird lines on her neck! Are they from plastic surgery, abnormal anatomy, or remnants of our evolutionary amphibian ancestors?

This is a tough one. The only plastic surgery that I believe could create wrinkles like this is a mini-facelift, which I really doubt she's had. There are no muscle bands in that part of the neck that go in that direction. Therefore, I would have to argue that she probably has some type of abnormal anatomy there. Not as interesting as accusing her of a facelift, but the truth is the truth. At least she has some type of flaw, not matter how minor. One of my flaws is that I have a bit of a gummy smile.

Did any of you catch me on the CBS Early Show this morning?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the picture has been photoshopped?

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed this on her before. It may have been Photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to photoshop.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I doubt it's been photoshopped. There are photos from elsewhere that show the same thing. There was a photo that I believe was photoshopped a year or so ago of Victoria Beckham with terrible varicose veins. I was asked to look at them by a celeb magazine and told them I thought they were phonies. Their photo expert called them legit, though, and printed them in the magazine!

AB said...

So obviously photo-shopped. I hope she sues that rag mag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Youn,

Great blog!

Has Angelina had a ribbon lift, as Madonna had? Are we seeing the ribbons in her neck before they dissolve?

Also, why do you think her jaw is so much more pronounced now than when she was younger? Surgery? HGH?