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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jenni J-WOWW of Jersey Shore and Plastic Surgery

Jenni J-WOWW from the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore has come forward admitting she's had a breast augmentation. In an interview with Life and Style magazine she admitted to getting breast implants at the age of 21, and is really happy with them. Apparently her costar Snooki is thinking of getting her breasts lifted.
Jenni's breasts look pretty good in this photo. They appear to fit her body well and are not overdone. Her surgeon did a nice job. But what kind of name is J-WOWW??


Christine said...

Dr. Youn, they look alright from the side, but you can see what they really look like from the front - not so great!

J.R. said...

Her breasts "look pretty good"? You're kidding!? Look at her right breast. That's a mixing bowl someone inverted on her chest. Sadly, that has altered people's perception so that it's become the norm in how breasts look. Younger men and boys think that's how boobs look like in reality now.

I just saw a movie in which Monica Bellucci bares her breasts while in different positions...the beauty of natural boobs.

Anonymous said...

if these are an example of a good boob job, i am certain i will never get this done.

she looks like she cut a basketball in half and had it inserted under her skin. it looks painful, and you could fly a plane blindfolded between those things.

bob said...

she's beautiful and attractive, I'm a big fan of hers, best wishes to her

Free Online Hearing Test said...

If you see Jenni's photos, you will be aware of the peak points achieved by science in surgery field.Its obvious, most of the women want to have breast augmentation to look more attractive.Jenni's admittance will bend women towards this surgery.
So,Snooki,Jenni's costar is thinking of getting her breasts lifted.

Anonymous said...

This girl has a huge gap between her breasts which was always on display on the show. From the appearance, they also look very firm and overfilled. Never thought this was a nicely done surgery.

Kate said...

Do you really think they look good? They're so funny looking up front - too high and far apart.