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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrity breast surgery

Dr. Rob Oliver has a nice post on celebrity breast surgery in his blog Plastic Surgery 101. He comments on the different ways to fix problems with poorly done cosmetic breast surgery. I do agree with just about everything that he writes, although I am still unsure about the "Pinwheel" thing.


Jude C said...

Tara Reid's FrankenNipple gives me nightmares :-)

Anonymous said...

The other is Vivica A. Fox.

Anonymous said...

why not fix this dent,,saw it in other outfits she wore,,and thought it was me??with her money fix it possible??

Anonymous said...

Poor Tara everyone is always picking on her,,geez leave her alone,,she isn't hurting anyone or sleeping with your husband like the other crotchless hoe's,,leaving snail trails everywhere they go,,gross,,,Tara's ok give her a break,,and keep on attacking the other ones..