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Monday, August 21, 2006

Jack Russell from Great White

It's been a quiet weekend for celebrity plastic surgery, so I thought I'd slip in a recent story which I haven't yet. Jack Russell, the lead singer of the 80's hair band Great White has admitted to having a facelift to the TV show Extra. He wanted to get rid of the "turkey neck" and stated: "Most of my friends go ;Have you lost weight?' `Yeah, about 10 pounds in the face.'"
If I were him, I'd focus on two other things too. First would be doing everything I could to continue to support the families of the nearly 100 people who died in the tragic nightclub fire of 2003. Second would be changing my name to something a little less canine-sounding. Maybe Doc Sund?
In all seriousness, some people think that facelifts tighten the skin of the entire face. Actually, traditional facelifts only tighten up the lower face and the neckline. They do nothing to the forehead, and usually only a minimal amount to the cheeks. I call these traditional muscle-tightening facelifts "lower facelifts" to differentiate them from the Volumetric Facelift, which also treats the cheeks and under the eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Doctor, the 3D, volumetric facelift you refer to, is this the same as a deep or composite facelift?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

It is different from the deep or composite facelift as it is less invasive and focuses much more on volume than these other types. Recovery is shorter and less painful as well.

Anonymous said...

Doc Sund....lmao.

Jude C said...

If that's what he looks like after the facelift, then I'd hate to see what he looked like before ^_^

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

"My, my, my what's wrong with that guy?"

Sorry, I could not resist the bad pun :) to Great White's only song of note.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Rob, Rob, Rob. You forget about "Rock Me" and that obscure ballad "The Angel Song!"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Lady Red Light" and "Save all your love". They were a great band. He's a great singer and their guitarist was incredible.

Yiddish Steel said...

You all left out my personal High School anthem, "Face The Day"! The best song in their catalogue. They are far from some 1-hit 80's Hairband wonder. So, "Stick It"!

BTW... Jack looks a lot better now. I just saw them play here in San Diego last Friday night. They rokked me! \m/