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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Marge Simpson - Breast Augmentation!

The Sun is reporting that Marge Simpson has had a breast augmentation. Apparently she planned on liposuction but instead ended up with breast implants!
Although it has already been taped, the show will premiere later this year.
I wonder if she used silicone or saline?

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Anonymous said...

What happened to Ivanka? Did The Donald threaten you?

Vern said...

Why is that new in The Sun? That episode actually aired a long time ago

Anonymous said...

check out cityrag to see oscar winning director's bleph

Piotr said...

The used saline, because it was couple years ago. As I remember silicone ware prohibited in that time in USA.

Am I right?

Piotr said...

Wikipedia says:

Episode: "Large Marge"
Orig. Airdate November 24, 2002

Anonymous said...

Large Marge

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You must not be a Simpson's fan at all. That episode aired half a decade ago.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Yeah, I admit I haven't watched it much in about half a decade!

Anonymous said...

I doubt Homer would have cared whether they were saline or silicone ;-)

Rachel said...

i saw that episode a while ago. i think when she had problems with balance right after she got them