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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Smokey Robinson

I was watching the Grammy Awards last night and found Smokey Robinson's appearance somewhat frightening. He looks nothing like he used to. He appears to have had a browlift which has pulled his brows way too high, giving him a permanently surprised look. With my HDTV I swear I could almost see the scars of his probable blepharoplasty surgeries as well. When you compare his face now to the one before, you can see that his face is much thinner and has very little loose skin. This is very unusual for a 67 year old man, and is a sign of a likely facelift.
I believe that Smokey is the classic case of each plastic surgery procedure being successful in doing what it's supposed to (browlift lifts the brow, facelift removes loose skin, etc.), but these parts adding up to an overall whole which looks unnatural, or done. The job of a good plastic surgeon is to put these parts together appropriately, so that a person does not look odd.
He's such an amazing singer; hopefully he will stay away from the knife from now on. I know what you are thinking, dear blog reader: "I second that emotion!" ;)

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Anonymous said...

Amen Dr. Youn.

lalagigi said...

at least its not tears of a clown or something like mr. pyt

Anonymous said...

Well it's even better because he sang:
"So take a good look at my face
You see my smile looks out of placeIf you look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears"
That was very surreal, as while he was singing it I was looking for the tracks of all his platic surgery scars. He looked frightening and non-human.

yoomz said...

Have you ever heard his old radio show? It was hilarious, he... talked... like... this... Very stilted and bizzare. He would ask questions like:

"If... you... could.. be..... ANY... animal.... what... would... you.. be... AND... why?"

And yes he does look very odd, too many people don't understand how to age gracefully (with some help of course from folks like you).

Melissa said...

The man never blinks his eyes. I kept waiting for him to blink and me and my boyfriend watched closely and we both agreed he did not blink once! Creepy
That being said--I love Smokey none the less!

Stiletto Girl said...

Dr. Youn,

Great site! I have to ask, do you think a lot of stars go to bad doctors, or do the doctors cave in to the demands of the stars and go overboard? It seems more often than not that celebrities and those in the limelight have a multitude of bad results.

Stiletto Girl said...

One more comment - aren't facelifts supposed to look natural? Then why do people get it pulled too tight?

Anonymous said...

i think smokey is the most sexiest man...with the most sexiest vioce everrrrrr!!!!!!!!! love you smokey

Anonymous said...

Smokey must have read this blog, becuz on Jay Leno tonight, his cheeks were more filled out and his brows had been lowered again. His hair reminds me of my Tiny Tears doll the first year "real rooted hair!" was introduced!

jennifer said...

smokey robinson looks the way he does because he had an anuerism in the 1990s. he did have work done but it was medical emergency. have some compassion, people!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dr. Youn, I DO "second that emotion"!! Very scary looking considering how good looking he was in his younger years!!