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Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Wrap-up - Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren

I found the Oscars to be pretty unsurprising last night. Everyone looked great in their tuxes and dresses, with no obvious bad plastic surgery on display... except possibly Nicole Kidman.
I've commented on her "Botox Brow" and possible canthopexy before, but it does appear that her lips have been recently augmented, likely with an injectable filler like Restylane. Her lips did not seem to move completely normally, possibly because the injectables are a bit firmer than the normal lip tissue. She was an interesting contrast to her BFF Naomi Watts, who looks completely natural.
There are also reports that Nicole may have had a breast augmentation too. This definitely appears possible, but not completely obvious. If she has had a breast augmentation it matches her body well and hasn't been overdone.

I thought the following celebrities looked great, without any sign of plastic surgery: Kate Winslett, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin, and Leonardo DiCaprio. As for Helen Mirren, either she has inherited fantastic genes OR she has had a facelift in the past (likely distant past?). Her neckline is almost too good for a 61 year old woman.

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Anonymous said...

Kate Winslet had her nose bridge slimmed down. =o)

Anonymous said...

I can assure you she has had a facelift about 4 years ago!

Jen said...

And you're not likely to see any plastic surgery done on Kate Winslet. She's a vociferously outspoken opponent of any cosmetic procedures, especially botox. I've heard and read several interviews with her where she gets very upset over the pressure in the entertainment industry to look like everyone else. She's having none of it. GO KATE!!!

As for Helen Mirren, did she not look absolutely stunning on Oscar night? The dress she wore was breathtaking. Even if it were an ugly dress, her face was so radiant that you'd forget the dress and call her stunning anyway. I don't know if she's had any work done on her face and/or neck, but if she did, kudos to the Doc who did because she looks 100% natural. A true beauty.

Anonymous said...

Kate Winslet has had her nose done. Granted, it's pretty subtle, and it's a really good job, but it's still been done. Pictures don't lie. It's really obvious when you see the side-by-side shots.

Just because she's against botox and the kind of bad plastic surgery that makes everyone look the same doesn't mean she wouldn't have some refinement or anti-aging surgery herself.

Suze1237 said...

I had botox and it didn't look much different so I asked for some more and could just move the outside corner of my eyebrow so the muscle seemed to be getting bigger in a sort of V. Is that the Botox forehead? Anyway, I think Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous. In a world where white people are told to plaster their skin in orange fake tan, she's a hero for those of us with porcelain complexions.

Anonymous said...

as another blogger commented: Nicole looked like a Botorexic Stepford Barbie on Oscar night and I couldn't agree more.

darian zam said...

Her transformation, bit by bit, over the years is so obvious if you look at photos. When I did a portrait of Nicole in my last exhibition, I had to reduce the lips and lower her brow from the original photo, because it looked so crazy in profile. I did a post about it on my blog and was totally abused by some Nicole fan as making up stories, but photographic evidence as I pointed out, is pretty hard to refute.

Anonymous said...

Nicole's a good actress, who has to bear the pressure of Hollywodd to always look unnaturally good. No need to attack her.