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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sylvester Stallone - Plastic Surgery?

Has Sylvester Stallone had plastic surgery? Although I haven't seen the new Rambo movie, I did see him being interviewed the other day. His appearance is very interesting. At times I think he looks really bad, and at other times he looks pretty darn good. I noticed on the interview that he had a nice, sharp jawline, which is pretty uncommon for a 61 year old man. This could be a sign of a facelift. Other than that, his eyelids show remarkably little aging in the photos above. This may be a sign of well-done blepharoplasty surgeries. He also appears to take good care of this skin, possibly with chemical peels and medical grade skin care. It's also possible that some of his "nutritional" supplements may affect the way he looks, although I wouldn't be able to comment much on that.
I enjoyed Rocky Balboa but have no plans to see Rambo. Please God don't get it in his head to make Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot, Again!

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Anonymous said...

You say 'very interesting' I say 'darn weird'. You bet he's had surgery, the man is a completely vain. I do like him though and think he was a hunk back in the day.

But this is one of those cases where surgery is not an improvement. He would've been handsomer naturally aged in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

ok..don't laugh. Do noses keep growing on men but get thinner with women as they age?

Anonymous said...

Yes I believe men's definitely get bigger as do their ears. Stallone is a classic example - look how aquiline his nose is in the top picure compared to the second where it is more bulbous.

I don't know that women's get smaller. Melanie Griffiths is someone whose nose looks bigger than when she was younger but maybe that's because of substance abuse.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jessica Biel has also had some new work done:

Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of him mom, Jackie. She's had a lot of work done. Stallone looks pretty good but I dislike his hair piece and the fact that it's very, very black.

Anonymous said...

He's so awesome. Such an inspiring and successful man. :)

Anonymous said...

^^Someone's on the payroll^^

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc- what do you make of the major change in appearance of his nose from the before to after picture? Is this just part of normal aging? I think it is well known he had a nose job early in has career, but his nose seems to have become much less "sharp" and more "bulbous" with age. Comments?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Like other parts of the body, the nose can lengthen and droop with age. This may be what we are seeing with him.

Anonymous said...

the nose isn't made out of solid bone,
it conssists of cartilage which is un soldified bone, which is why if you look at a skull there is a whole where the nose is, if cartilage doesn't undergo ossification (the hardening and formation of bone) then it will continue growing and growin which is what the nose does, this is why old men have big noses generally :D
i dont know about the women thing with their noses getting thinner

daphne said...

Doc, if you ever seen the movie "Cobra", watch closely. One of Sly's ears is completely lower than the other one. In fact, the people who made the movie seem to be aware of this, as they continually keep the camera off that side.

Now his ears look almost even. Have you noticed this?

Anonymous said...

I think he had a volumetric facelift. Look at him in this interview: