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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Courtney Love's Lips are Normal??

In previous posts I reported on Courtney Love's plans to reverse her previous plastic surgery. The last post had photos of what appeared to be a sutured-up lower lip. This recent photo show what appears to be normal-looking lips. It looks like her surgeon did a nice job. I think she looks pretty good for Courtney Love.
Unfortunately her hair looks like she stole it from Dog the Racist Bounty Hunter or a medieval princess...

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Anonymous said...

Her right eye is a bit wonky. She was naturally a really attractive woman. I hope the lip debacle has scared her off more surgery. She was starting to look freakish.

Linda C. Modica said...

Love the updated photo! Funny, I am working on my blog too. Just sent your blog to a friend who loves celebrity gossip and warned her that it's addicting! Take care.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for your nice comments Linda!