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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Has Jennifer Aniston Had Her Lips Plumped?

Photos of Jennifer Aniston have recently surfaced, showing a possible lip augmentation. If she's had it done, it is a subtle job, possibly with Restylane. Some may argue that her lips look the same, but if you compare the 'then' to the 'now,' you can see that the lip proportions have changed. In the 'then' photo, her upper lip is slightly smaller than her lower lip. In the 'now' photo, the upper lip is actually larger than the lower lip.

I have stated many times on this blog that the natural lip proportions (with some exceptions) have the lower lip 1.5 times the size of the upper lip. Quite often plastic surgeons become overzealous in augmenting the upper lip, making it appear larger than the lower lip. This creates the all-too-common 'trout pout.' Whether Jennifer Aniston has had her lips done or not, I'm sure John Mayer would agree that her "Body is a Wonderland."

Photo credit: Daily Mail

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Anonymous said...

her upper lip looks nice. so, can the bottom lip be enhanced also to make it more proportionate to the top? or isnt that ever done?

Anonymous said...

Yes she's definitely had an augmentation and the proportions are unnatural.

I read recently that if you don't want to look cosmetically enhanced then avoid lip augmentation at all costs. I've got to agree, and I think there will eventually be a backlash against the puffy lip look for this reason.

Women can be beautiful without full lips. Nicole Kidman and Lara Flynne Boyle are good examples of women who think they look better with full lips but don't necessarily.

Anonymous said...

I like this method for lip enhancement and I wish I could find more doctors who specialize in it:

Thankfully, mine does.
The French always know, less is more!

Anonymous said...

Since she's obviously had multiple nose jobs, can you tell if she's had her chin shaved down? It looks dramatically different than 2 years ago where her chin was more pronounced. I also notice a difference in her facial structure, possible cheek implants.