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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Paris Hilton Denies Plastic Surgery

Paris Hilton is currently filming Repo! The Genetic Opera portraying a person addicted to plastic surgery. Naturally, she's been asked whether she's had some work done. Her response:

Well, I've never had any plastic surgery, so doing a character like that — it was a lot of fun to change because every scene I have a different nose, I have different eyes, different hair. We were using a lot of prosthetics, so every scene you can't really tell that it's me, so that was a lot of fun.

I enjoy movies, but something tells me I'm going to miss this one...

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marly silk artist said...

That's one of the nicest images I've seen of Paris Hilton. She looks young and sweet.

I fear she isn't terribly bright so I hope that she finds a suitable man and marries and spawns and stops being a limelight seeker.

But, I doubt it.

raincoaster said...

Funny, her camel nose has shrunk considerably from when she was 16. The thing about being famous for years is, the record is all there, in back copies of Vanity Fair and the Enquirer.

I love what somebody on Defamer said about House of Wax: "Twelve bucks to watch Paris Hilton die? BARGAIN!"

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Ha! That's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Alas, science has yet to create a brain implant!

Tom Schavo said...

Hey she looks so young and sweet. but isn't she over aged and should look aged?

Anonymous said...

Repo looks like the Rocky Horror of today!

Speaking of which, she wore prosthetic breasts, which caused implant rumors. If you look at her Funny or Die video, you see she's still small.

I'm not Paris fan, but credit should be given where it is due. No implants.

Anonymous said...

Paris, your nose is growing...

Why See Repo? said...

Yay for mentioning Repo! (See my blog, haha)

Paris has definitely had plastic surgery, but not nearly enough as her character in the film.

People should fess up, it makes people ashamed of their own surgeries when surgery is denied.

Why See Repo? said...

not nearly as much*

Sorry, typo.

jinxlovesrhps said...

why wouldn't you want to see it?
its definately one of those movies people will love or hate, but just because paris is in it is no reason not to see it.
it looks like it's good to be great, and its one of those few movies of the last couple of years that people actually put hard work and effort into