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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ask Jenny Lee

The actress Jenny Lee is known around the world as a human Barbie doll and has admitted to undergoing dozens of plastic surgeries. She has been featured on Oprah, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, and E!'s Celebrity Plastic Surgery (which I was also on!). Many consider her to be a symbol of plastic surgery excess, and she has been very up front in talking with the media about her plastic surgery. Ms. Lee has graciously offered to answer questions from the readers of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery. The last time I posted on her (click here), the comments ranged from nasty to supportive.

If you would like to ask any questions to Ms. Jenny Lee, leave the question on the 'comments' section, and she will answer them in a future post.

To visit Jenny Lee's website, click here.

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InALittleMinute said...

Ms Jenny Lee~

Was there a point when you thought you might have an addiction to Cosmetic Surgery? Is it a feeling of wanting to perfect the body that entices you to continue to get surgery?

I have had a few minor (very minor) things done, and I can see where if I had the money, I would like to "tweak" certain areas on my body.

When you had your first few surgeries, what were peoples reactions to the change?

E.Leigh said...

1) Are they any procedures that you would like to do that your Plastic Surgeon has said no to?

2)What is your favourite feature on yourself?

3)Do you wish you hadn't done one of your procedures, that the original part was better?

Thanks :)

Carmen said...

What is the one surgery that you are happiest with and which one are you least happy with? Do you ever regret any of your surgeries and wish you could go back to a more natural look?

Jenny Lee said...

Thanks Dr. Youn, for posting this. I believe there are so many misconceptions about me, about plastic surgery, and the list goes on. My motive for discussing plastic surgery and telling my story is to help educate people of all ages who are considering plastic surgery had a bad experience with it and are looking for change or simply don't understand how I got on this runaway train to begin with. There are also disorders associated with people who have too much plastic surgery, like BDD, that go undiagnosed and definitely misunderstood. I would love the opportunity to answer questions, good, or bad. My only request is that you be respectful in your questions and comments. We are not put on this earth to judge each other. I get emails though myspace all the time from people doing research papers needing information. I answer every one of them. Some are long, some are short. Here is one I got today:

Do you think the pressure of media has in courage people to have it more?

I do not think the media "pressures" people to have surgery- period, or more of it if they have had it before. The reason it is talked about so much is because people are fascinated that they can change something about their appearance they don’t like....or the idea of changing something about themselves fascinates them. The viewers watch the shows, the ratings skyrocket, the shows continue to produce more shows on the topic based on ratings. If no one watched it, I think it would die down. When shows feature “makeovers” it fuels the fire. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The media brings the idea to the forefront of their minds, but I don't think people feel like because they saw a show they have to get surgery.

Do you think celebrities have glamorized it without warning (like yourself?)?

I think celebrities do what they have to do to take care of themselves and always keep themselves marketable in the entertainment business. Most celebrities don't talk about what they do, but some do. I talk about it to educate people to do their homework, read all the fine print, research everything and then make a well informed decision. I don't try to glamorize it by any means....Lord knows when you have done as much as I have there isn't much glamour in it. The benefits I receive are slight contentment (sometimes) in my appearance.

Do you feel the need to buy expensive cosmetics if so what do you use?

Hell no, it is bull shit. Get the book "don't go to the cosmetics counter without me" and it will tell you what is good and what you are wasting money on. I do like Aveda and Origins products because they keep my skin clean and don't break me out. Admittedly I haven't looked them up in my book. I used to use Sisley, until I got a reality check. Phisoderm (sp?) is some of the best facial cleanser you can get. $6 bucks.

Hope this helps!
Jenny Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for a great website.

I like to ask beautiful Jenny about her tummytuck/bodylift.Did you get pregnant again after having your first tummytuck? if so, how was your body after? was your baby and pregnancy ok?

I have never had any plastic surgery before.
And i want to have a
bodylift(arm/thighs/tummy/breast) after loosing alot of weight.
I am 25 years old and dont want to have any kids until i am at least 30 years old.
I know doctors say wait until after children, but i hate to think about my excess skin for 5 years or more. I know that if a have children i could need a second tummytuck.

What would you recommend?

Thank you for reading.
Excuse me english. I am danish:o)

marly silk artist said...

I enjoyed Jenny Lee's comments regarding expensive cosmetics and I agree with her 100%. I use Dove soap and I buy all of my cosmetics at Wal-Mart. An ophthalmologist told me to use Johnson's baby shampoo w/ warm water to remove my eye makeup. It's a simple and inexpensive routine and I definitely look as stylish and chic as my foolish friends who buy La Mer face cream.

Rob16 said...

Dear Jenny Lee!!!
I love you, you are just great!!!
You look gorgeous, but I think you were also very beautiful before all your surgery!!!
Did'nt you think that it is'nt good for your health to get so many times under the knife??
I mean, now, you look really perfect. I would'nt change anything else. If you now stop with cosmetic surgery, you will look with 80 years like 40!!!
But when you do it in future again and again, what is, when the surgeoun did'nt make it the way you expect it, and it looks not good?!
You are sooo young, you know. It's your joice, but I would stop with the surgery now. (And then, when you are older, you can get more...)
Because in your age, I don't think you will get wrinkles!!!
If you are really addict to surgery and you think you must do it, you should really search for a psycholigist. Believe me, you did'nt need surgery anymore!!!
(You never did. As I say, you were also stunning before!!!)
And blemishes are beautiful!!!
Sure, a whole perfect body and face like yours is marvelous, BUT: Even you are perfect outside, what is with your soul?! I personally think, that you may think, surgery will change your live. But it did'nt. I mean, I think you are the same person like before your surgery. You could'nt buy self-confidence with surgery, I'm sorry, but I really think you need a psychologist!!
(And a psychologist is much much much ways cheaper than so much cosmetic procedures...)
I don't mean to pry, It does not concern me, I know, but I'm such a big fan of you, you are a gorgeous actress, but you should really stop with that. Look, surgery is'nt like a visit by the hair stylist, you know. It has risks, many risks. It's not good for your health, and you will get many scars!!! Why you just did'nt believe us that you are beautiful? Why YOU did'nt think, that you are BEAUTIFUL!!! You always search for a blemish to get more surgery, but there is'nt any blemish!!! The blemish is in your heart, I think.
There are Millions of ugly people on our world. And those people are happy!! Yes, they are happy, probably more than yourself!!!
They love their blemishes, they accept it, and they would do anything if they could look like you!!! But they did'nt need it, because they are not superficial.
They would'nt get voluntary under the knife, voluntary get ache and spend a lot of time and money and risks by a surgeon.
Please, believe me.
It makes me feel sad.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about other "Barbies" and "Kens"??
Like Cindy Jackson, Miles Kendall, Steve Erhardt, Sarah Burge...