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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jenny Lee Answers Your Questions

Jenny Lee is known to some as a "Human Barbie Doll," and has admittedly undergone some 30 plastic surgery procedures. She has been featured on Oprah, Larry King Live, and E!'s Celebrity Plastic Surgery. She has been kind enough to answer questions from our readers. Note: I have never treated Jenny Lee.

Was there a point when you thought you might have an addiction to Cosmetic Surgery?
There was never a point where I personally thought I had an “addiction” to plastic surgery. I was being treated by a psychiatrist for severe anxiety and panic attacks, and the topic of surgery came up one day, and he asked “How many surgeries/procedures have you had?” and that brought on a whole other level of treatment because on top of anxiety and depression, he told me I had BDD (Body Dismorphia Disorder).

When you had your first few surgeries, what were people’s reactions to the change?
When I had my breasts done, there wasn’t much reaction, as it was my first surgery. My second I had my breast done again with full body lipo, and my nose. When I was 25 I had my nose done again and a invasive brow lift (cut from ear to ear all through my scalp) and THEN the reaction came. Shock would be the word I would use. The brow lift takes YEARS to soften, and I looked really weird for at least a year while that healed. Thank God I have good movement again. Mission was accomplished though….My friends my age (32) are either getting Botox religiously on their forehead and between their brows every 3 months, or the ones who don’t look much older than they are.

Are they any procedures that you would like to do that your Plastic Surgeon has said no to? YES! He said no to more Lipo, no to more nose jobs, I asked for jaw implants, he said no, too masculine, and ABSOLUTELY NO to a inner thigh lift, no matter how much I begged (the scar which is initially in your panty line migrates down your leg over time, and the results are NOT pretty. I have seen someone personally who had it, so I know what he was saying is true.).

What is your favourite feature on yourself?
Ummm, right now I would say my nose. It really turned out nicely after FOUR TIMES!

Do you wish you hadn't done one of your procedures, that the original part was better?
This is a hard question to answer because everything is already done and it is hard to think about what I would un-do if I could. I love my nose today, and had I been in a different situation in my life 11 years ago I think I would still like my old nose. It reminded me of my dad, who has since passed, and it was a feature I shared with my older sister prominently.

What is the one surgery that you are happiest with and which one are you least happy with? Happiest with my nose, least happy with NOT getting both breasts lifted (the left one didn’t need lifting, just the right). I don’t like that my right nipple looks different than my left. So I will have surgery to fix that within the next 6 months, and I will get a breast lift on both breasts and internal pocket work (to make the pocket smaller).

Do you ever regret any of your surgeries and wish you could go back to a more natural look?
I regretted the brow lift at first for a few years because it was so extreme, but now I am glad I did it.

Thanks to Jenny Lee. To visit Jenny Lee's website, click here.

Thanks for reading.
Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.


Heather said...

Jenny, if you're reading this, it's not my intention to be mean but since you have put yourself out there in such a blatant way here's my opinion: I think your look is far from attractive and all those procedures on your face absolutely do NOT make you look younger, on the contrary, I would have guessed you to be at least 10 years older than your true age. Lack of wrinkles does not always equal youthfulness. Madonna despite her wrinkle-free face still looks 50. Youthfulness is more complex than lack of wrinkles, NATURAL and ACTUAL youth comes with no effort yet faces like yours say the opposite, they scream of so much effort, so much work that the original intention fails.

Extremely thin women tend to look older yet most young people have some baby fat on their faces which contribute to that young soft look. A severely cartoon-like tattooed brow, frozen expression, out of proportion lips, unaturalness features all around, makes a face look weird, older, bizarre but definitely not younger.
These are common sense things, things that can be observed people watching. I hope you get well soon because you might end up regretting so much damage and lost energy.

InALittleMinute said...

Fantastic opportunity for us to hear Jenny Lee's answers. Thank you to both of you.

Rex said...

Interesting piece. Some of Jenny's comments remind me of stories shared by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz (I hope I have the name right) in his book "Psycho-cybernetics". The thrust was that some who underwent plastic surgery still did not feel good about themselves afterward even though their appearance was harmless. They still needed to change their self-concept to achieve what they were going for, which was, in essence, higher self-esteem.

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Jenny Lee said...

Heather-Yes I am reading this blog, since I am participating in a discussion answering questions to those who have them. If your intention in making a statement about my appearance was not to be mean, then why did you make it? Yes, I have put my self out there, and I expect people like you to speak your opinions, even though I do not agree with them, feel that they ARE meant to be hurtful, hateful, and mean (or you wouldn't have written it). You see, I was raised in the deep south where I was taught never to judge others, and to try really, REALLY hard to practice this little lesson "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Now, if we could please get back on topic with this blog, and allow me to answer questions, instead of reading that your opinion is that I am unnatural and look 10 years older than I am. You are entitled to your opinion, you judged me, criticized me, and degraded me physically. I hope that makes you feel good, or better by choosing to say these things. I have never understood why people feel the NEED to say such derogatory things about others. It is like a relationship I was once in long ago. The guy I was in a relationship with had such poor self esteem (and at the time I did not)that the only way he could bring himself up was to bring me down, and he did it by criticizing my appearance and anything else he could find to criticize me for. It was sick to think and to see how he operated. It was like the verbal attacks fed his ego and made him feel good again. When I read posts like this all I can do is think back to those days and truly feel sorry for the poster of the comments, because they wouldn't write things like that if they felt good about themselves. I am here to help people in any way I can, and if answering their questions helps, that is what I am here for, and from what I can see, you did not post a moving right along.....

~Jenny Lee