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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did Angelina Jolie Have a Tummy Tuck?

This week's Star magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie has had a tummy tuck. According to the magazine:

Sources tell Star that the 33-year-old actress fretted over the size of her stomach while she was pregnant with Knox and Vivienne. "She doesn't like to talk about it or admit it, but Angie told some friends that she had a 'mommy tuck,' " says a family insider. "She likes the way that sounds better than tummy tuck."

Do I think she's had a tummy tuck? I doubt it, but that's just my hunch. It takes a couple weeks to recover from the surgery, and I would think that the paparazzi would obtain actual proof that she had work done. Angelina has come a long way from being the goth girl with a tube of Slingblade's blood around her neck.

To view a video of a tummy tuck I performed on Fox News, click here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you that she hasn't had a tummy tuck and that the paps would've gotten proof already. Not every woman has a saggy stomach after pregnancy. My mother has had 3 kids and never had saggy skin.

Anonymous said...

What if they tucked at time of birth though - we didn't see her for at least a month after that.

Cool Blog! said...

Hey, you used to have a blog post with an incredible before/after of Jolie with her freakishly huge bottom lip when she was a kid. It showed that she's got lip reduction surgery. Did they make you remove that? Could you please post it again or give a link? I can't find it. Thanks.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Doubt it. I've never seen a person get a tummy tuck at the time of birth. That is more urban legend than anything.

Anonymous said...

Of course she had a tummy tuck! Have you ever looked closely at the stomach of a woman who gave birth to a child the same year? Let alone one who gave birth to twins, stretching the abdominal muscles even further? *****Here is the reality: pregnancy stretches the rectus abdominus, which is a paired muscle that runs vertically from the pubic to torso region. These muscles are separated by a connective tissue (linea alba) that is stretched (sometimes split) in pregnancy. It does not return to former size, and therefore, the paired abdominal muscles are never pulled tight again. That is why all mothers have a protruding belly that won't disappear, no matter how many crunches are piled on top the aerobic workouts! *****TUMMY TUCK, or abdominoplasty, pulls the two paired rectus abdominus muscles back together. It also removes the sagging stretched skin, pulling down skin from the torso to create a new, smooth tummy (with new doctor made belly button to replace the post-pregnancy stretched belly button). *****After birthing twins, there is absolutely NO WAY Angelina could have worn that skin tight dress UNLESS she had the abdominoplasty! Her abdominals were absolutely, totally flat ... and that is humanly impossible for someone who just delivered a few months back! *****BUT GOOD FOR HER FOR DOING WHAT WAS NECESSARY TO GET HER BODY BACK! It is a shame that so many women are forced to go through life feeling lousy about themselves due to the changed body of motherhood. Tummy tucks should be part of the birthing process. GYN doctors should be trained in the plastic surgeon methods of tightening the muscles and closing the wound. Mothers should be returned to their former physical self. ***** After having two children, I returned to my exercise routine of running 5 miles a day, along with weights, pillates, crunches, etc. After ten years, I realized the 'mommy tummy' was never going to respond to exercise. I save money and got the tummy tuck. WOW was I happy! I had my flat tummy back again and immediately felt like myself again! **** Unfortunately, medical treatment is still based on male definitions of 'necessary'. If men also endured changed body figuration due to parenthood, we'd have had plastic surgeons in the birthing rooms long ago!

Anonymous said...

Actually guaranteed. Here's your clues in celebrity land, Madonna, Angelina....they all have c-sections due to "premature birth (which is scheduled actually to prevent the stretching of exponential growth in last couple weeks, their private docs usually agree on this)" and they have the surgeon right there in the OR to do the bulk of the skin removal. Using same incision (low C) as where they extract the baby. They ALL do it. Just like there is a HIGH incidence of twins in Hollywood (fertility b/c in order to work these women have to maintain artificially low body fat). Same with STRANGELY high number of Csections in H'wood. Hmmmmm, could it all be a coincidence? Angelina is calculated beyond measure; I am positive she had it. Old photos of her reveal she is very into refining her looks.

Tummy tuck said...

I don't see why a 2 week recovery time will be hard to hide from the paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

She could be wearing underpinnings that hold her tummy in.

smart lipo said...

After birthing twins, there is absolutely NO WAY Angelina could have worn that skin tight dress UNLESS she had the abdominoplasty! Her abdominals were absolutely, totally flat … and that is humanly impossible for someone who just delivered a few months back!