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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do People Really Want Long Eyelashes That Badly?

There is an interesting post of Dr. Rob Oliver's Plastic Surgery 101 blog regarding the upcoming product from Allergan, makers of Botox and Natrelle breast implants. The product is called Latisse, and its function is to make eyelashes fuller, longer, and even darker. Peak sales are estimated to become $500 million.

I was interviewed about this product months and months ago to test doctor and patient interest. I didn't think that patients would be that interested in this product, but after talking to several women (including my office employees), I think I was wrong. After it obtains FDA approval we'll see how popular it gets.


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marly silk artist said...

I have long eyelashes but they're not thick so I have quite a morning ritual with eyelash curler and two different mascaras, one for blackness and one for volume. So, yes, I believe women really care about their eyelashes. It's such an important part of looking glamorous (if that is the goal and it is for me).

However, I do draw the line at this product. I'd be terrified that it might have an effect on my vision and vanity bites the dust in favor of health.

Iina said...

Oh God yes, I'd buy this the moment it's available here! Any info on whether it's safe to use for a contact lens wearer?

Either way, I've done my own eyelash extensions, and when I don't have my extensions it's tons and tons of mascara. For a festive look I always add false lashes to the mix. I would love it if I didn't have to constantly glue stuff either to my lashes (extensions) or the skin (false lashes)!

Sarah said...

If it's safe, I'd definitely consider that! My lashes are a nightmare, they're short, blonde at the tips and won't curl..
Still would have to think twice though, because the straightness (they even hang on bad days!) could be caused by heavyness.