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Monday, December 08, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears - Liposuction?

According to a magazine, Jamie-Lynn Spears may have undergone liposuction while she was pregnant.

"She didn't know she was pregnant when she filled out the health questionnaire prior to the procedure," a second source reveals. "Her mom approved the injections and went through tons of red tape to get the clinic to administer them to an underage patient."

Every operating center I've ever worked out of administers a pregnancy test to every female prior to plastic surgery. If the test comes back positive, nearly all of the patients will claim that it is "impossible" that they are pregnant. We then repeat the test, which always comes back positive again, and finally cancel the surgery.

Having to cancel the surgery is a bummer for me, but at least I get to go out for a long breakfast and read the paper.


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Anonymous said...

How could you not know you are preggers? I have had plenty of surgery and they have always always given a preg. test first. Even after I had my hysterectomy, they gave me a preg test before my breast surgery. And there was no way I could be preg. She had to have know, and if the hospital didnt give one to her, shame on them. So what if she's young, there are tons of youner girls that are getting pregnant all the time, its sick.

Anonymous said...

Liposuction at 16. Now that's a sad commentary on ... well, a lot of things actually.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the pregnancy test prior to my lipo procedure (chin/neck area -done with a local). Was it because I am 42 and have a tubal ligation? LOL! Spears is denying the procedure but given that families history with poor decision making, this wouldn't shock me at all that her mother would approve lipo for a teenager.

Plastic Surgeon said...

Why does she even need lipo to start with?

Common she is Pretty!!

Aye, how did she not know she was pregnant and at a young age too. Tut...