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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dr. Youn Presents Latisse for Eyelashes on Fox 2 Detroit Michigan June 2009

Here is a television segment I did that recently aired on the local Fox affiliate. We present a patient who tried Latisse. Check out her "spider-like" eyelashes!


Anonymous said...

You look great, Dr. Youn ! Nice segment.

I joked with the staff at my plastic surgeon's office that the after photos look awfully shaggy, and this patient has that same shaggy lash look. I'll pass. I see that the patient had a good deal of eye liner on afterward, I think the eyeliner does more for the eyes than shaggy lashes would.

Great segment, very informative.

Anonymous said...

The Brooke Shields TV spot is airing here in LA. Her lashes look great, but were they ever thin? Also, the disclaimer at the end is a bit scary, noting permanent browning of light color eyes. Scary for we with beautiful baby blues..not worth the risk I'm afraid.

sweet said...

Awww, you're so cute, Dr. Youn! You have great skin, too. Care to share your skin care regimen with us?

I definitely want to try Latisse. My lashes are pretty sparse. I already have dark eyes, so no worries there.