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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Katie Price Has Large Breast Implants

Katie Price, otherwise known as Jordan, is a British actress / model who's known for her large breasts. As you can see in this photo from Cityrag she has some pretty big implants. According to Wikipedia, her breasts went from a B to an F but recently had them reduced back to a C. Although she hasn't become a big name here in the States, in the U.K. her net worth as a celebrity couple with her ex-husband was second only to Victoria and David Beckham (over $60 million!)

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marly said...

I've commented before on this subject of huge breast implants and it's certainly not sour grapes; I'm a 44 DDD. But I'm muscular and broad shouldered and the rest of my body matches my natural breasts.

Am I a lone voice, crying in the wind? The imbalance of huge breasts with slim hips and slender body look grotesque (to me, anyway).

My son says that I simply don't understand because I'm female.

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

I'm a Brit ex-pat and my nieces mention her a lot (usually in a negative way...) Those boobs are just awful, aren't they? Her thighs are really nice though! Slim and toned, just what I'll kill for!

Breast Implants Thailand said...

I have known about Katie for many years when she first had surgery almost 10 years ago, in that time she has had many revisions to her breasts.

I think it was something more about what made her famous, it was this very surgery which made her so popular, the controversy which most women deplaud and most men aplause, and a star was born!

Anonymous said...

No way is she a C cup now, i am a E and dont look that big!!!

raincoaster said...

She is what the Brits call a "glamour model" which means she posed for the covers of magazines wearing bikini bottoms, leg shackles, and far too much makeup. That's how she made her living until she got her reality show deal, which explains the ridonculous boobage. I'm with the nony commenter; no way is she a C now. She's WAY farther along the alphabet than that.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Those breasts are just scary.

Cosmetic Surgery Thailand said...

Those breasts look impressive in a way even though we can tell that they are fake. However seeing her touching herself make me want to try touching them too :)