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Monday, February 08, 2010

Shelby Township, Michigan Laser Liposuction Disaster

This is a photo of a patient who underwent laser liposuction by an ER physician just down the street from me. This is from a sad but very interesting article by the Macomb Daily which exposes what happened to this poor woman at a Shelby Township, Michigan med spa. Check out the article here.

From the article:

The 46-year-old Clinton Township woman said the amalgamation of damaged skin tissue that stretches from her waist to the top of her ribcage resulted from a liposuction-gone-bad performed by Dr. C------ M-- at A---- Medical Spa in Shelby Township.

According to his Web site, M--, a D.O., is certified by the American Board of Phlebology (physicians specializing in venous disease), American Board of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine, American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery and American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. In court documents, he says he is also certified in "tumescent liposuction" and "contour thread lift."

I am not a member of any of these groups.

The Macomb Daily also published an article on how independent surgery centers are not regulated by the state. Check it out here.

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Dr Hainer said...

This sad story unfortunately is a common scenario seen all across the US, motivated solely by greed. Dr Mok,an ER physician,has absolutely no business operating on anyone. As for his partner, Dr Kotlus, he should stay within his anatomic domain which at best would be oculoplastic surgery. But definitely not surgery of the rest of the face, the body or breasts.I found the biggest surprise to be the heartless comments submitted regarding the Macomb Daily article. Given the tone of the first set of comments, Drs Mok and Kotlus and their staff must have been busy typing. The bottom line is (1) chose your surgeon wisely and make sure they are ASPS certified, (2) do your homework and consult with multiple surgeons, And (3) remember, if a legal action is settled,it will not appear in the state's records. Which means a physician can be sued innumerable times for horrific problems such as this one ,but if they settle all of them,their records will be clean. And lastly, SHAME ON DR MOK..HIS PROFESSIONALISM IS REPREHENSIBLE! CLEARLY HE WAS ABSENT THE DAY THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH WAS DISCUSSED IN MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Emily said...

Dr. Youn, I know you haven't seen this patient, but from what you know about the story, is there anything that can be done to "fix" this? Is there even a remote possibility of her looking more normal someday?

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to read the unbelievably cruel comments on the Macomb Daily site under the story. No one deserves to suffer at the hands of a physician who was supposed to provide care, guidance and expertise but instead practiced procedures outside of his discipline and caused permanent damage. That being said, patients -- you MUST do your homework, too!

tangfish said...

Is this an actual photo of the patient/victim? I didn't see a photo in the original article being referenced. How sad.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

This is a photo of the actual patient. No way to make her back smooth and scar-free again. Terrible story.