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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Daily Blabber video on Plastic Surgery

Check out an entertaining video from the Daily Blabber on Celebrity Plastic Surgery. Suzie riffs on celebrities such as Kenny Rogers, Meg Ryan, and Lisa Rinna. Some of her comments are off the mark (I don't believe Kenny Rogers had a facelift and I do believe that Janet Jackson lost all her weight without surgery), but it is worth a view if you like this type of stuff. I've considered doing something like this myself if the right show comes along...


yuzus said...

Hi Dr. Youn
I love your blog. I think I've read somewhere that Kenny Rogers admitted to an eyelift. That looks possible. I was just wondering do people really elect to remove their rib for cosmetic reasons?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Thanks for the nice comment yuzus. Kenny Rogers has admitted to an eyelift, and he has also admitted that the surgery was too aggressive, causing his eyes to be too tight. This can happen when too much skin is removed from the upper eyelid.
As far as the rib, at times it is removed for cosmetic reasons. Usually it is used for cartilage when performing a rhinoplasty. Some people who need extra support for their nose end up having their rib used for this purpose. If Michael Jackson were to ever get his nose fixed, this may be a possibility for him.
Thanks for reading!

Suzy "We Rule This School" Byrne said...,26334,1183537,00.html

Let's cut to the chase. Have you had plastic surgery?
Yes, I have. I did a lot more a long time ago. Dolly (Parton) used to kid me about it. But like everybody I blame the media for it. The first six years of my career, I got more comments on my weight than on my singing. So I think I became so self-conscious that I started working on it harder.

Last year I had so many lines coming in at the side of my eyes up here. So I went in and got my eyes done, and I’m not happy about it. (The surgeon) is going to go in and fix that for me. They’re too tight around the eyelids for me. It drives me crazy. I wake up in the morning, and Wanda says, "You look great." But I know what I want to look like. If we can fix that, then I’ll be glad I did it. If we can’t fix it, I’ll regret it or get used to it.

I think when you’re in the public eye, you feel a pressure to stay younger looking. I guess that’s what makes the guys who don’t do it so special. I’ve always said that gray hair looks good on everybody but yourself. To me, it makes me look old.

Anonymous said...

ps: janet jackson could had lipo. that's surgery.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

I've been asked by a national magazine about Janet's possible liposuction and I told them that liposuction cannot create a six-pack like she has. If she's had liposuction, it has not created the ripped physique that she currently has. Not surprisingly, they did not use my comments in the article because they were not sensational enough!