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Friday, July 28, 2006

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's "Nasty" breasts - Here is a photo of Janet's breasts, on display a couple days ago in Germany. She has lost a lot of weight and looks great, but the breasts look a bit round for my taste. It appears that she has breast implants which are above the muscle, as implants which are above the muscle move together like that and show more roundness than implants under the muscle. It is also possible she has a capsular contracture, which is a condition where scar tissue builds up around the implants, causing them to be round and hard. It is possible that her weight loss has decreased so much of her body fat percentage, that her breasts are mostly skin and implant now. I don't think she had plastic surgery to help her with the weight loss, but it is possible that diet pills may have been involved. Either way, she looks fantastic (except the thin nose).

To view a video of a breast augmentation I performed for Fox News, click here.

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Dr. Rob Oliver said...


that shot's somewhat hard for me to get much of an idea of her breast volume, quality, or shape as she's really got an exagerated push-up bra on

Jude C said...

All these Jacksons with their damn noses...too creepy.

Anonymous said...

An push-up bra.

Anonymous said...

Janets' nose looks fine!!! No one rags on all the white women who get collegan in there lips to make thier lips look BIGGER,(some TOO BIG) and the ass imlants to give them BIGGER asses!!! If a black person wants a thin nose it's THEIR BUSINESS! Just like it white peoples own business when they tan to get dark, get bigger lips and asses! Catch my drift? ;) Except Micheal over did it! Janets nose lookes good!

Anonymous said...

yI think Janet looks good she did not go overboard with surgery. Some people wish the could look like that in their 40's. Anyway I do have one problem with her and that is she needs to talk the hell up. This woman is too damn old to be whispering her character Penny on Good Times talked louder than she does now as a woman.

Renee said...

ok....i know for a FACT that Janet's breasts are not fake!!!!! black people just tend to have more ass, breast,and flesh to make them look 'sexy....y do ya'll have to be criticizing black ppl.... y dont ya'll talk about PAMELA ANDERSON'S fake breast, lip, but, hips, nose, etc???? oh.and her nose is not fake either....believe me, i know a lot about Janet that ya'll don't ewven know... my breasts are round and looks like Janet's and i can ASSURE U THEY ARE NOT FAKE!!!! IM ALL NATURAL YA'LL....BLACK PEOPLE ARE JUST BORN TO BE SEXY!!!!! SO STOP HATING!