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Friday, July 21, 2006

Lindsay Lohan

According to, Lindsay Lohan recently exclaimed, "Yes, it's sad that anybody would (have cosmetic surgery) at my age. It's just disgusting."
Hmmm.... The interesting thing about this statement is that her breasts appear to have gotten significantly larger over the last few weeks. Now, this can be commonly due to weight gain or pregnancy, but there is no evidence that either has taken place. Then does one conclude that Ms. Lohan is "disgusting?"

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The_Chef said...

Yes. Yes it does. Have you seen those pictures floating around of her at Piven's party? There's no way those puppies are natural.

BeataB74 said...

No weight gain? Uhh. She was anorexic and bulimic about 6 months ago. Now she's not. So. She did gain weight.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

It's true that she has gained weight, but that was several months ago. Her breasts appear to have gotten larger in the past several WEEKS.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Yes! Thank heaven for the miracles of positive thinking and hard partying which magically make your boobs grow bigger! Don't you love it when that happens!?

Melpomene said...

Bah... sheesh, will these chicks realize that you can't fool people by first putting on a few pounds (and getting implants during that phase) and then dropping the weight and starting the whole "I lost weight but the breasts remain!" farce.
Yes X-tina, I mean you too.

Anonymous said...

plastic surgery scar on right breast (left in the picture):

Anonymous said...

plastic surgery scar on right breast (left in the picture):