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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Paula Abdul

What happened to Paula Abdul's breasts? Her breasts in this photo obviously look pretty droopy, but there appears to be an unnatural sagging in her cleavage. This look can be seen with breast implants which are a bit heavy and cause the skin to stretch downward. This happens more often with larger implants (greater than 400cc) and with people who have weak breast tissue (older women or women who have lost a lot of weight). It is possible that we are just seeing a 44 year old woman's naturally droopy breasts, but in my opinion this is more likely the result of sagging caused by implants, likely placed on top of the muscle. The treatment is simple: breast lift (mastopexy). That would bring the implants and breasts back "Straight Up." I wonder what Simon would say about this?

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Jude C said...

That weird hollow between them, where you can see them sagging down from her sternum...that's gross. I've seen Tori Spelling with that kind of cleavage in a couple of pictures, too.

Anonymous said...

Could this also be the result of a minor pectus excavatum?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

My office manager mentioned that she thought Tori's breasts looked like this too.
Pectus Excavatum is a medical term for a "sunken" chestbone, or sternum. The opposite of it is pectus carinatum or "pigeon chest." This doesn't look like pectus excavatum to me, as there doesn't appear to be an actual depression of the sternum. The unusual look appears to be more the breasts than the sternum. Pectus excavatum is treated by major bone surgery (turning the sternum inside out), using a solid silicone implant, or my favorite, fat grafting. I performed this on a very nice woman just two weeks ago.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

Definately the "rock in the sock" look going on Tony

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. This is definitely an example of breast surgery gone bad. Paula Abdul should have left well alone.