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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Has Fergie had plastic surgery? These before and after photos from indicate that she very well may have had a rhinoplasty and a browlift. Her nose looks considerably thinner and shorter in the after photo. The nose often gets shorter when it is thinned or a bump is taken off. Her brows are also excessively arched. This is most likely the result of an endoscopic browlift (short scars, less recovery than the traditional browlift), combined with some possible Botox. Her lips may be naturally fuller than most (see Angelina Jolie).
No comment on her humps...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, she definitely looks as though she's had some work done. I'm newly wary of unfoundedly accusing people of plastic surgery after my Thanksgiving holiday, though. I saw some cousins I haven't seen for about five years; they didn't recognize me at all and spent half an hour accusing me of various surgeries. They said my eyes looked bigger, as if I'd had the Asian eyelid surgery (nope, still a proud monolid, just learned how to apply makeup better). They said my nose looked pointier (nope, never had a nose job, but I have noticed it looks different to how I remember it...weird*). So...

Nah, scratch that. Fergie's definitely had a bunch of stuff done. :-)

* By the way, have you ever heard of people's noses becoming *smaller* as they get older instead of bigger? Not older older, but just...between the ages, of, say, 20 and 27? Or am I just a freak?

Definition Fitness said...

Question for you, Dr!

Does this look like a potential Tummy tuck scar?? Or a C section?

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Jude-The nose can thin with age...but you are not aged!
D.F.- that's the scar from a C-section, not a tummy tuck. There is a possibility it could be from a mini-tummy tuck, but I sincerely doubt it. I can't believe that the paparrazi are getting photos like that.

Anonymous said...

she's definitely had rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty before by technique of fat removal to be specific. botox or another injectable filler is most likely. i'm no dr. but i've done extensive analysis as a prospective candidate and artist. i'm able to detect surgical alterations much more easily than the average person like the lotr fanatic can tell you the whole story by tolkien IN elvish.

Anonymous said...

i dont think that before picture is fergie herself, its probably some old picture they found around the way and compared to it to fergie to get some publicity

Anonymous said...

clearly something has been done to her jawline and chin as well. It is now more square and...well even. There is no butt to it and it is more boxy and less triangular. Just a little addendum to the aforementioned!