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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Plastic surgery to look bad?

A woman in China recently attempted to get plastic surgery to look worse, in order to woo back her boyfriend who thought she looked so pretty that he would eventually lose her. Here's the story from

Woman forsakes her beautiful face

A young woman from Chongqing sought plastic surgery to make her face less attractive recently, after being crossed in love.

The 23-year-old woman's sweetheart left her weeks ago to stay with another woman. Although the two had been in love for six years, her ex-boyfriend feared that her too-beautiful face might lure many other men and thus he didn't feel safe staying with her.

She came to hate all men after being courted by many others, prompting her desire for the surgery. But the doctors refused to co-operate, saying she had a mental disorder and needed to seek help from psychotherapists.

Good thing that her surgeons refused to operate on her. I have seen some pretty crazy things in this field, but plastic surgery for the sole purpose to make someone look unattractive may take the cake. I acknowledge that some people do look worse after bad plastic surgery, but I doubt that that was the purpose (except in the case of Michael Jackson and BDD patients).

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this woman is any different than a woman who undergoes plastic surgery to look more attractive. Generally woman who wants plastic surgery to look better have a self image problem, whereas this woman wants to be less in the spot light. Perhaps she wants to be taken more seriously as who she is rather than how she looks. I doubt she wants to look ugly, just more ordinary. If you think this woman has issues, then so does all the other woman who want to look better via plastic surgery.