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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Britney Spears - Plastic Surgery Offer

A New York-based plastic surgeon has issued a letter to Britney Spears offering her a free tummy tuck. In the letter he states:

"As a long-time fan of you and your music, your videos revealing your six-pack abs may just be as world famous as Frank Sinatra's blue eyes. Unfortunately childbearing and motherhood can rob you of those assets...or at least play havoc with them. I'd like to give "sexy" back to you...and everyone we can all enjoy the old Britney, again."

Jacobs also writes in his letter "You made worldwide headlines, last week, as a global audience had the chance to view a lot more than your night on the town with Paris Hilton. While those pictures have become an internet phenomenon, my trained surgeon's eye uncovered the enduring effects of your recent C-section birthing experience. Therefore, as one of your devoted fans who happens to be a leading plastic surgeon, I'd like to give you a Holiday present - a tummy tuck that will restore your midriff to it's previous muscle tone and firmness."

I have seen no evidence that she even needs an abdominoplasty. Most women with C-Sections heal just fine without the need for cosmetic plastic surgery.
I have a feeling that Ms. Spears will probably not take Dr. Jacobs up on his offer...


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Anonymous said...

Also, since when does a tummy tuck = magical muscle definition? Ugh!

Kris in Hawaii said...

If women would just paddle outrigger canoes after giving birth it would put the tummy tuck docs out of business! I had twins, and you never know it thank to paddling.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like he has an unhealthy obsession and interest in Ms. Spears.

Can we say a stalker waiting to happen?

Anonymous said...

Britney Spears has brown eyes.

Miss S said...

You know, this really makes me angry. Why are people so grossed about by a stupid C section scar? It's this sort of criticism that makes women neurotic. I wish people would quit focusing on it.

Britney said...

Britney should get rid of C section Scar