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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Doppelganger

I was recently interviewed by In Touch Weekly magazine regarding a video of what looks like a topless Jennifer Aniston which has been making waves on the internet recently. The story has been picked up by many other sites:
The Post Chronicle
The National Ledger
Socialite's Life
PR Inside

The one I like the best is the one which states "Surgeon comes to Aniston's rescue." Somehow, I doubt that she thinks I'm her hero.

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cosmetic surgery said...

jennifer aniston is one of the women who would never need cosmetic surgery, she is so natural and so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's walking funny in that pic.

Anonymous said...

---Anonymous said...
She looks like she's
walking funny in that pic---

Haven't you ever walked on sand??! Relax.

Anonymous said...

So bad she cannot get the big squared cheen reduced. Makes her look too manly.