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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nicole Richie - Good Plastic Surgery?

I have been asked by a number of magazines recently to comment on Nicole Richie and her possible breast augmentation. She has recently gained some weight, and it appears that her breasts have also gotten larger. Has she had a breast augmentation?
I think it is very likely. While she looks to have gained some 5-6 lbs (at most), her breasts appear to have enlarged more than would normally be expected with such a minor weight gain. (See link for previous photo of her) If she has indeed had a breast augmentation, it's a very nice job. They look good on her, and she looks healthier with a little more weight. I would still like to see her gain a few more pounds.

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Chaka_kahn said...

Perhaps, then, the Vicodin she had was for post-op pain (as opposed to menstrual cramps - lol)? I don't know how long you're in pain for after breast implant surgery.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I agree that she looks much better and her breasts work well with her size. I hope Nicole Richie will continue to weight back on.

Also, perezhilton recently posted a photo regarding hilary duff and possible chin work. what do you think?

Anonymous said...

She looks much better now.

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Dr. Tony Youn said...

It is definitely possible that the Vicodin could have been prescribed for postoperative discomfort.

Cooky doctors is in the house said...

Duhh idiot! Some plastic surgeon expert you are, if being pregnant means plastic surgery then you are correct, great boob job. i would think that a doctor would know that breast tissue is mainly fatty tissue. Therefore, weight gain means larger breast. Moreover, if you look at older pictures of the size that she was, then it's clear she has not had platic surgery.

Dr. Tony Youn said...

Actually, Nicole Richie appears to be about 7 months pregnant right now, putting her date of conception around Feb/March. The post was from December of 2006! Maybe you should look at the post more closely before you write something rude and are too cowardly to sign your name to it. Get a life.