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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Phony Plastic Surgeon Ordered to Pay $5 Million

A Cuban national, Reinaldo Silvestre, was recently ordered to pay $5 Million for pain and suffering to a victim of botched breast surgery. Mr. Silvestre, called "The Butcher of South Beach," apparently masqueraded as a bona fide plastic surgeon, performing numerous surgeries on unsuspecting victims. One victim of his botched surgeries was a male Mexican bodybuilder who asked him for a pectoral augmentation. Instead of putting in solid silicone male implants, he allegedly placed women's breast implants into the horrified man (see photo above).
"So this big bodybuilder from Mexico wakes up from this surgery expecting to look like Tarzan and instead he looks like Pamela (Anderson Lee), Dolly Parton,"

Check out Dr. Rob Oliver's excellent Plastic Surgery 101 blog for more details on this story.

This is just another lesson for patients to do their homework before having plastic surgery. Not everyone who says they are a plastic surgeon really is one.

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Melpomene said...

Oh crap! That looks extremely horrible, not to mention painful.
Monstrous "work" to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I heard while Michael Jackson was under anesthesia the plastic surgeon was fiddling with his genitals. Just a word of caution. -Mandy

Anonymous said...

I read the entire article. All I can say is